ADAMANTIC focuses on research and development activities, dedicated to continuously improving and evolving the architecture of its data management platform. Our company has a team of domain-focused experts aimed at enhancing the security and trustworthiness in the fields of data processing, governance, and transmission. The primary goal of our projects is to provide the highest possible level of security and trustworthiness in the domains of data processing, governance, and transmission.

The research of our company also focuses on architectural efficiency and scalability to achieve rapid, high-throughput data transmission and distributed storage of data, while consuming fewer hardware and network resources. The versatile platform of our company is supported by the ADM architecture based on blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, serving as the backbone of Industry 4.0 solutions. Simultaneously, our platform enables high-throughput, low-latency communication between sensors, actuators, and controllers, verifying and authenticating each other’s messages. It manages asset ownership and configurations without the need for intermediaries or other higher-level authentication authorities, making the platform a crucial foundation for achieving industrial automation and interconnectedness.