Haver & Boecker

Decorative stainless steel wire mesh is ideal for designing decorative elements, which enable the creation of impressive surfaces that give the interior of the vehicle the elegance, purity and quality associated with stainless steel. Design mesh from Haver & Boecker provides an exactly uniform structure, which not only can be seen but also felt. Depending on the mesh pattern, a serene or sporty atmosphere is achieved. The coolness associated with stainless steel can be offset by combining the mesh with PET monofilament fibers in all RAL colors. Black and gray accents emphasize classic elegance, while natural tones reflect the serene atmosphere of nature – interlaced with the gleam of stainless steel.
Technical applications of woven wire cloth include filtration, homogenization, sieving or protection in various application areas. Haver & Boecker’s Automotive business unit, which is certified according to IATF 16949, produces transmission oil filters and filters for exhaust aftertreatment in accordance with extensive customer and quality management requirements and specifications. Thanks to numerous mesh types and processing possibilities metal wire mesh allows uniform filtering performance over a largest possible filtering surface.