Khalil Design e.K

Khalil Design is one of the most well-known advanced design studios in Germany in terms of creating future automotive + transportation concepts. We not only propose innovative concepts but also offer forward-thinking solutions for our users. We are expert in innovative intelligent design and the creation of special technical functionalities, providing valuable experience for the development of new materials including textiles, leather, plastics, wood, metals, and more.

We have undertaken numerous new material developments for specific concept cars and advanced concepts for premium equipment manufacturers, boasting several patents. Presently, we focus on research and design projects for internationally renowned high-end automotive OEMs and airlines (such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW , Audi, Porsche, Daimler, Rolls-Royce, Kia, Oerlikon Group, Alfa Romeo, Jet Aviation, and Lufthansa), particularly in new materials. An example instance is the metalized wood applied in the Mercedes S-Class sedan.