SeTeL is a limited private company based in Rome and has been a leader in the field of Integrated Logistic Support Engineering since 1973. Our company is dedicated to providing services, consulting, applications, and cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimal operational availability of complex systems throughout their life cycles. We continuously evolve in the management and thinking of life cycles, constantly enhancing ILS technology through continuous research and development in areas such as ILS information technology, training, documentation, and RAMTS.

Our specialized services in life cycle management cover aspects such as reliability analysis, LSAR and logistic databases, ILS information technology supporting ASD standards, training, technical training, and technical documentation. Since the 1990s, our technology has gradually transitioned from the defense sector to the civil sector, collaborating with entities such as Telespazio, Italian Railways, Hitachi, Italian Post, and FAO. We have also been actively involved in various projects related to research and development, industrial research, training, and communication, fostering collaborations with universities, research centers (such as CNR), and other companies.

Leveraging our expertise gained through specialized technical and R&D activities in areas like complex systems, microsensors, inflatable systems, 3D hybrid microelectronics, shape memory alloy actuators, robotic systems, among others, we successfully designed, patented, and developed a new-generation amphibious rover called MAR (Multipurpose Amphibious Rover). MAR currently constitutes the core of our company’s R&D efforts.