In Jiangning, Nanjing, “starting construction as soon as you get the land”

Starting construction the Project As the “main engine” of economic development plays an important supporting role.

The land was obtained in January and construction started that month. The green smart factory for core components of the ship power system of Nanjing Shipbuilding, located in Hushu Street, achieved ” zero time lag ” from the land acquisition to the start of construction, constantly refreshing the speed of project construction.

The total investment in Mingda Transmission Technology’s high-end intelligent equipment precision guide rail, multi-functional CNC servo turret and CNC electric slide manufacturing project reached 1.05 billion yuan, with a total planned construction area of ​​approximately 27,000 square meters.

Jiangning fully considered the needs of the project subject, followed the construction permit approval process of “pile foundation first + informed commitment”, implemented short-term acceptance, and applied for construction permits in stages . The pile foundation project was completed within 1 working day after the company signed the land transfer contract. The construction license will be issued to the company, which will advance the start of the project by at least 2 months. At the same time, if the project starts in the same year, you can apply for a start-up reward of 2.7 million yuan, which greatly enhances the company’s sense of gain.

As a key city project in 2024, the Huachuang Ruifeng Technology Headquarters Base Project will build factories and related supporting facilities, and is mainly engaged in the production of high-efficiency energy-saving solution humidity control and air-conditioning equipment.

Jiangning made full use of the time waiting for the land procedures to be processed. Through the advance technical services of the pre-examination agency and the “start construction as soon as the land is obtained, and deliver it as soon as the completion is completed” mechanism, it took only one working day to start construction on the day the land acquisition approval document was issued .

The Zhongjiang New Materials ceramic copper-clad substrate R&D and production base project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Its products are mainly used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, aerospace, energy storage, smart grid and other industries, and can achieve an annual output value of 500 million yuan.

Through the relay agency at the park and district levels, we ensure that the project can “start construction immediately after receiving the land” within one working day after signing the land contract , and obtain the “Land Use Planning Permit”, “Land Contract”, “Pile Foundation Construction Permit” and “Civil Air Defense” at one time Licensing Decision Letter”, “Project Planning Permit”, “Planning Examination Certificate” and “Construction Permit”, achieving “multi-certificate joint issuance”, and construction started on the same day .

In response to problems such as the large number of approval matters for investment and construction projects and the unavailable data of various approval departments, Jiangning strives to build a project approval system of “full-factor planning, full-chain approval, and full-cycle management” , focusing on the company’s “negotiation and signing, construction approval, completion and commissioning” In three stages, ten departments jointly launched the full-chain approval service of “guarantee upon negotiation, pre-review upon signing, construction upon land acquisition, delivery upon completion, and commissioning upon completion” and launched a “full-chain approval service platform” to provide services to all newly launched projects. Implement “cultivation upon receipt” and achieve the ultimate speed of project construction with the ultimate service .

persist in Reform leadership, system integration, collaboration and efficiency service breadth”One thing” approved by major project construction Expand to”One thing” for the whole project life cycle.

What an enterprise originally needed to go through 21 departments and 36 business lines to accomplish can now be handled directly by submitting a single submission at the “Full Chain Approval Service Hall” of Jiangning Civic Center , of which 37 links are merged through “parallel approval” For 5 links , 22 matters have been “accepted”, and application materials have been reduced by 40% . The approval time for major projects from signing to completion acceptance has been shortened from 198 days to 123 days , and the approval efficiency has been improved by 38%; major projects have been reduced from supply to supply. It only takes 46 days to get the construction permit . 12 projects such as Zhongjiang New Materials and Jugeng Wastewater Treatment “started immediately after receiving the land” on the day the land contract was signed, starting more than 3 months in advance on average.

Since the implementation of the “full-chain approval service”, Jiangning has implemented “special account customization, special class promotion, specialist agency, and special evaluation” for incoming projects, making the project construction “worry-free throughout the process.” In the next step, project construction will be accelerated with rapid approval, and “parallel joint review and vacancy handling” will be normalized to ensure that projects start early, go into production early, and achieve early results.