Why Overseas Companies Choose Us

Relying on the advantages of the Overseas Talent Pioneering Park, Tiger And Tech has been deeply exchanging and cooperating with major overseas enterprises and universities to introduce highly sophisticated technology enterprises and talents to the park to establish a bridgehead for the transformation of scientific research results and technology transfer.

Helping foreign companies find the Chinese market
Full chain service for foreign enterprises landing

With its own high-quality services and relying on the preferential conditions of the park, Tiger And Tech invites overseas enterprises, talents and teams of all types to set up branches or startups for technology exchange, scientific research transformation and transfer of achievements.

Basic Services

Tiger And Tech is responsible for the investment attraction of several parks, and can provide a full range of policy, tax, declaration and other support for overseas enterprises to move in.

Building bridges

Tiger And Tech has a wide range of cooperation and close relationship with domestic and overseas enterprises, individuals and organizations. We provide connectivity services for businesses of all parties in a number of areas.

in-depth exchange

It has held a number of exchanges and promotional meetings at home and overseas, led domestic enterprises to go abroad for visits, exchanges, investment and cooperation, and organized foreign enterprises to visit the country for visits, exchanges, investment and cooperation.

Domestic resources

Tiger And Tech in the domestic link park policy advantages, high enterprises, science and technology enterprises, leading manufacturing industry, research institutes and so on. We can quickly organize all kinds of resources and provide services.

Overseas Resources

Tiger And Tech has a wide range of exchanges with overseas enterprises, individuals and organizations, serving their investment and cooperation intentions, finding the right resources for them and matching the right development environment.

Activity medium

Tiger And Tech organizes various kinds of exchange and promotion meetings overseas to connect individuals, teams, and enterprises in various industries. Promote regional understanding and mutual understanding.


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