Tiger And Tech has two major industrial parks, deeply connected to the development zone's industrial features. It focuses on distinctive industrial clusters such as new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing equipment, smart home solutions, and smart agriculture. This has led to the establishment of a comprehensive service system with industry-specific characteristics.

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Focusing on serving startups and growth stage enterprises, we concentrate on incubating innovation and fostering industry. We are committed to combining the industrial chain with the innovation chain to solve the worries of entrepreneurship for enterprises.

Nanjing Potential Unlocked Business Consulting Co.
Garton Micronano is a company that relies on a team of professors from the Danish University of Science and Technology to develop micro and nano biosensors with high sensitivity, portability and low price by using microlens array chip and solid phase pcr technology, which have broad applications in medical devices, food safety, environmental testing, and so on.
As a new energy vehicle power system integration and vehicle control software service provider, Nanjing Hangzhi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with a full set of technical solutions and key components.