Nanjing Hangzhi Electric Technology Co.

As a new energy vehicle power system integration and vehicle control software service provider, Nanjing Hangzhi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. provides customers with a full set of technical solutions and key components, as well as to help customers to complete the vehicle system matching and engineering development, Nanjing Hangzhi Electric Technology Priority Company to serve the Chinese market, and at the same time covering the European, North American and Southeast Asian manufacturers.

Core products and services currently include three main blocks, one is the electric drive system solutions, based on the European and Southeast Asian market demand for the development of wire control chassis and vehicle control software platform products, successfully entered the international market; the second is the automated driving system solutions, through the construction of multi-sensor fusion of the automated driving platform, to provide modular configuration based on the electric wire control chassis platform solutions to solve the industrialization of the customer's pain points, received praise from customers; third is the series of charging pile and cloud management platform, Nanjing Hangzhi in accordance with European standards, customized development of DC, AC and AC-DC integrated series of charging pile products, to provide customers with a variety of options for charging solutions. The third is the series charging pile and cloud management platform. Nanjing Hangzhi has customized and developed DC, AC and AC/DC integrated series charging pile products in accordance with the European standard, providing customers with a variety of charging solutions.

In 2020, Nanjing Hangzhi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. joined the industrial incubation platform of Xiaohu Technology, and the team of Xiaohu Technology docked with leading enterprises of new energy automobile at home and abroad, introduced overseas talents and resources, provided many potential opportunities for cooperation, and actively promoted the project cooperation, and fought the brand war for Nanjing Hangzhi Electric Technology Co.

The Tiger Cub team is equipped with professional mentors to provide regular professional training to the resident companies. 2022, Nanjing Hangzhi passed the 2022 Science and Technology SME Recognition with the assistance of the Tiger Cub team.