Nanjing Jiatong Micro-Nano Technology Co.

Garton Micronano is a company that relies on a team of professors from the Danish University of Science and Technology to develop micro and nano biosensors with high sensitivity, portability and low price by using microlens array chip and solid phase pcr technology, which have broad applications in medical devices, food safety, environmental testing, and so on.

In 2020, Prof. Sun and her team of professors settled in Xiaohu Technology Industry Incubation Platform. Why choose Lishui, Prof. Sun said, "We chose Lishui not only because of the positioning of healthy and energetic new city, but also because Lishui is also a blue ocean full of opportunities. I remember the first time I saw HICP located under the Wuxi Mountain, the surrounding green water and green mountains revealed infinite vitality and vigor, I was immediately attracted by the land, this is exactly the place I am looking for. I was immediately attracted by this land, which was exactly the place I was looking for. After I came here, I felt the care of the park even more, and I hope we can accelerate our progress in Haichuang Park and Lishui, and open up our own world in the blue ocean of POCT.

During the same period in 2020, when Jiatong Micro-Nano declared the high-level talent project, Xiaohu Science and Technology strongly supported and helped to provide professional counseling, and Nanjing Jiatong Micro-Nano Technology Co., Ltd. finally passed the declaration of high-level talent successfully, which provided the financial guarantee for the subsequent product research and development.

In 2022, the Xiaohu Technology Industry Incubation Platform assisted Jiatong Microprocessor to pass the certification of technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises.

With the rich resources of universities and R&D organizations, Xiaohu Technology team has prompted Jiatong Micro-Nano team to reach cooperation with Nanjing Practice Medical Technology Co. Ltd. to provide technical support for Jiatong Micro-Nano in the process of developing a series of small, portable, easy-to-operate, convenient, fast and low-cost POCT products, such as dry single-sample blood gas biochemistry analyzers, dry single-sample electrolyte analyzers, handheld biochemistry testers, and other small, portable, easy-to-operate, fast and low-cost POCT products.