Century-old German company plows in Ningxia for 30 years: "Firmly optimistic about China, investing in Nanjing"

  "Back then, no one could have imagined that Phoenix China would have such a great influence 30 years later." On September 7, the 100th anniversary of the Phoenix Contact Group and the 30th anniversary of Phoenix Contact China were celebrated in the Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone. Frank Stomberg, CEO of Phoenix Contact Group, said it has been a special and remarkable journey, and looking ahead to the next historical cycle, more surprises are sure to come.

  Born in Germany in 1923, the Phoenix Contact Group is today the global market leader in electrical connectivity, electronic interfaces, lightning and surge protection, electric vehicle charging and switching technology, fieldbus, industrial Ethernet and industrial automation technology.

  "At the beginning of the small team of only six people, from Nanjing city to Jiangning Fangshan on the road and cattle ......" Phoenix Contact China President Gu Jiandang recalled 30 years ago, the German businessman first explored Nanjing, fresh memories. 1993 to enter China that is rooted in Nanjing, unlike other foreign enterprises, Phoenix Contact has consistently adhered to the 100% local staff and 100% local management, is committed to becoming the "most Chinese" German businessman. The difference between Phoenix Contact and other foreign companies is that Phoenix Contact China has consistently adhered to 100% local staff and 100% local management, and is committed to becoming the "most Chinese" German companies, "mutual trust and responsibility, so that we go farther. "

  Today, Phoenix Contact China has developed into a national regional headquarters of a full value chain multinational company with seven wholly-owned companies and one joint venture, integrating R&D, production, sales, logistics, investment and other functions.

  "Firmly optimistic about China, investing in Nanjing is the most visionary decision." This has become the consensus of Phoenix Board of Directors. A new plan to invest in China opened - June 21, Phoenix Contact new energy vehicle supporting equipment intelligent manufacturing project (Phase I) in Lishui, the project will become the third base of Phoenix China after completion.

  "This will be the biggest opportunity for Phoenix China's 'second chance' to create a new Phoenix in China." Gu Jiandang introduced, Phoenix Contact will comprehensively increase the strategic investment in China, so that the localized integration of Phoenix Contact in China continues to deepen.