"Tens of billions", how is it made?

On the morning of February 19, Nanjing held the city's new industrialization and industrial strength to promote the General Assembly.Jiangsu Guoxuan New Energy Technology Company Limited, ZTE Intelligent Technology Nanjing Co.As the 3 new 10 billion enterprises in Nanjing in 2023, they stood at the center of the podium and were each awarded 5 million yuan of incentive funds.
Heavy incentives, a strong signal. At the meeting, "Nanjing advanced manufacturing ten billion enterprises cultivation and development action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "action plan") released, more show Nanjing accelerate the formation of a number of advanced manufacturing ten billion enterprises with a significant leading role in providing core support for the construction of Nanjing industrial strength of the city's determination.
"Ten billion" enterprise how to make? The reporter interviewed the relevant enterprises, departments, boards.01Visiting the "Billion Dollar"

"2+6+6" innovative industrial clusters surging with kinetic energy, three "chain masters" exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time.

Ltd. is located in Liuhe District, the west side of the plant rows of containerized design of the battery storage pods lined up, neatly arranged, including 60 sets of lithium iron phosphate storage batteries, 60 sets of battery management systems and other energy storage equipment.
This is the Guoxuan New Energy energy storage power station which was put into operation on December 4 last year, and it is also the largest user-side energy storage project with single capacity in Jiangsu Province. It is understood that the total rated output power of the energy storage power station is 25.6 MW, the total capacity of a total of 202.8 MWh, about 8 hours to realize the power full grid.

Located in Liuhe Development Zone, Nanjing Guoxuan Battery Co., Ltd. is busy in the fourth phase of the workshop, workers are busy in the newly put into production line.

Guoxuan New Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of listed company Guoxuan Gaoke, which is also the earliest field subsidiary established in China. Since settling in Liuhe District in 2015, Guoxuan New Energy has completed four phases of the project successively, with a total land area of about 1,000 acres, and has realized the coverage of the four major types of products, namely passenger cars, commercial vehicles, special-purpose vehicles and energy storage, and the customers are mainly Huawei, Chang'an, the Great Wall, Geely, Jianghuai, and SAIC Datsun.
"Guoxuan New Energy will break through 10 billion yuan in 2023, not only thanks to the rapid development of the industry and the enterprise's own efforts, but also as a result of the creation of a good business environment in Nanjing." Zhang Feng, general manager of Guoxuan New Energy, said.

It is understood that in the ten years from 2012 to 2022, the domestic new energy industry is growing rapidly, and Guoxuan Gaoke seizes the opportunity, increases the investment in R&D and talent training, actively builds the domestic market, structures the overseas market in advance, and lays out the upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises. In recent years, Liuhe District vigorously develops new energy industry, formulates attractive investment policies, and the favorable business environment attracts Guoxuan Gaoke to continuously increase its investment.

"At present, Guoxuan New Energy has developed into the largest domestic production base of Guoxuan Gaoke, and has built three factories to complete the capacity layout of 28G watt-hours, and landed the global supply chain base project in Longzhao, which fully illustrates Guoxuan Gaoke's confidence in the development of Liuhua." Zhang Feng said.

ZTE Binjiang Global 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base.

Guoxuan New Energy rides on the momentum, and ZTE Smartech builds up momentum to explode. ZTE Corporation has been deeply cultivating in Nanjing for many years, and settled its server and storage product R&D and production center project in Nanjing Binjiang 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base in May 2021, and set up ZTE Zhike, whose total industrial output value exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time last year.

Qiu Shengfu, vice president of ZTE Corporation, introduced that ZTE Smartech server and storage products, as the arithmetic infrastructure, have been widely used in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, comprehensively covering telecom, Internet, finance, electric power, government affairs, transportation and other industries, with a market size ranking in the top five domestically and the top eight globally.

Changan Automobile 5G+ Intelligent Factory. Nanjing Changan is an important production base in East China under Changan Automobile. Located in Lishui, Nanjing Changan's new factory is the most advanced demonstration factory of Changan Automobile's Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing technology, with 68 "5G+ Intelligent Manufacturing" scenarios laid out, and has become a national 5G factory, mainly producing new energy medium-sized SUV Deep Blue S7 series products.
Manufacturing butterfly into intelligent manufacturing, the new factory production manufacturing precision and efficiency, presenting the industry's top vehicle delivery capacity. Last year, Nanjing Chang'an accumulated production of about 90,000 vehicles, output value of 10.14 billion yuan, an increase of 147.2%.Guoxuan new energy layout energy storage industry,ZTE Smartech is deeply engaged in the software and information service industry,Nanjing Changan belongs to the new energy automobile industry......

The reporter combed through the three new ten billion enterprises are from the construction of Nanjing's industrial strength of the city's focus on building the "2 + 6 + 6" innovative industry clusters, and are the main industry chain enterprises.

Promote the new industrialization, the construction of industrial strong city, the enterprise is the main body.

In 2023, "2+6+6" innovative industries will be realized.Double-digit growthRevenues from future industrial operationsGrowth 28%, showing a surging momentum of development.

02Setting "new goals"

Add more than 10 "10 billion", not only focus on "large" but also to build "ecosystem".

Nanjing, "the first meeting of the new spring" anchored in the strategic direction of new industrialization, ten billion enterprises attach great importance to the "advanced manufacturing ten billion enterprises" as the main force to create industrial strength of the city.

Nanshan Steel's "JIT+C2M" intelligent factory.

The Action Plan released on the site of the conference puts forward, focusing on the four pillar industries of electronics, automobiles, steel, petrochemicals and the "2+6+6" innovative industry clusters, accelerating the formation of a number of advanced manufacturing enterprises with a significant leading role in the advanced manufacturing industry 10 billion enterprises, by 2025 the city's new annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan of advanced manufacturing companies.10 or moreAdvanced manufacturing enterprises with a cumulative annual output value exceeding 10 billion yuan30 or moreThe
The Action Plan indicates that Nanjing will accelerate the consolidation and upgrading of the existing 10 billion enterprises (groups), focus on cultivating a number of potential 10 billion enterprises to continue to grow, and gradually form a 10 billion enterprise development situation with a reasonable scale gradient, strong traction in the group chain, a high level of innovation, strong core competitiveness, and sufficient development momentum.

❖ Implement the Nanjing Three-Year Action Program for Promoting Enterprises' Listing, and provide enterprises listed on domestic and overseas stock exchanges with a maximum grant in phases.Four million dollars.Subsidies;

❖ Recognized as a municipal headquartered enterprise, it may be granted up to100 million dollarsSettlement incentives;

❖ Enterprises undertaking major scientific and technological special projects in the city will be given the maximum amount for a single project.Not more than 20 million dollarsFunding ......

The reporter combed through and found that Nanjing aimed at the target task, out of the "real money", more strengthened growth incentives for the annual industrial output value (including 2023) for the first time exceeded 10 billion enterprises, municipal giveFive million dollars.One-time incentivesThe city rewards enterprises with output value of more than 10 billion yuan for each breakthrough of 10 billion yuan.Five million dollars.The

The reporter noted that the reason why Nanjing emphasizes the cultivation and growth of ten billion enterprises, both the ten billion advanced manufacturing industry "big head", but also value them on an industrial chain to lead and drive the role.

ZTE's Nanjing R&D Center in Software Valley. Taking ZTE Corporation as an example, ZTE Corporation has been deeply cultivating in Nanjing for many years, and the Nanjing R&D Center located in the Software Valley has become the largest R&D base of ZTE in the world, realizing a software revenue of over 8.8 billion yuan in 2023, and the output value of the Nanjing Riverside 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base exceeded 55 billion yuan last year, which radiated and drove the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries of Nanjing and the surrounding areas, and hauled the industrial chain to synergistic development.
"We will give full play to our leading role as a '10-billion-dollar enterprise', be precise and pragmatic, operate steadily, and contribute to the development of science and technology innovation industry in Nanjing." Qiu Shengfu said.
Zhang Feng also said that Guoxuan New Energy will play a leading role as a 10-billion enterprise, fully releasing its production capacity in 2024, striving for the industrial output value to exceed 15 billion yuan, and driving the synergistic development of the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain.


Support the "chain master" enterprises to play a leading role in introducing and cultivating supporting enterprises, building supporting industrial parks, driving the key core supporting enterprises of the industrial chain in the vicinity of the layout of the formation of upstream and downstream collaboration and support of the industrial ecology.


Support "chain master" enterprises to open up and share resources and capabilities, and promote in-depth cooperation between large, medium and small enterprises in technology research, product support, brand channels, capital financing and other aspects.


Support the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to provide supporting products and services around the needs of the "chain master" enterprises, enhance the level of support and expand the scale of support.03"Starting the year off right."

Gradient cultivation project attraction grows energy level, government and enterprise joint efforts to stimulate energy

Invigorate the spirit of the dragon and horse, stimulate the energy to break through. Cultivate and grow advanced manufacturing 10 billion enterprises, it is Nanjing to the new industrial power city of the key move.

NJ departments and boards are lighting up goals and initiatives one after the other - the
The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce said

It will establish a 10-billion enterprise cultivation bank, encourage mergers and reorganization and listing of enterprises, create comprehensive and regional headquarters enterprises, and add more than two 10-billion enterprises in advanced manufacturing industry every year. The company will establish a gradient cultivation mechanism, implement precise measures, and deeply implement the "Ten Hundred Million" Specialized, Specialized and New Enterprises Cultivation Action, so as to add more than 70 new national specialized, specialized and new "small giant" enterprises by 2024.
The Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau saidWill focus on industrial strength, in the investment cooperation "height", focusing on the consolidation and enhancement of the four pillar industries and cultivate and grow "2 + 6 + 6" innovative industry clusters, focusing on attracting a large volume of manufacturing and service projects, as well as the iconic headquarters project! We will focus on attracting large-volume manufacturing and service projects, as well as landmark headquarters projects, foreign investment projects, and future industrial projects to accelerate the construction of a modernized industrial system. Taking the attraction of high-quality projects as a link, it promotes the circulation and deep integration of the innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain and talent chain, and accelerates the formation of new productivity.
Jiangning District said

    It will continue to consolidate the advantages of clusters, grow the industrial capacity, promote the action of leaping up ten-billion-scale enterprises, push the output value of five advantageous industries, such as smart grid and new generation information technology, to grow more than 10%, the output value of four leading industries, such as aerospace and artificial intelligence, to grow more than 15%, and the output value of the future industries, such as third-generation semiconductors and new energy storage, to grow more than 20%.
Jiangbei New District said

Based on the positioning of modern industrial agglomeration area, it will make every effort to promote the signing and landing of the projects such as Celanese high-end new materials, Wacker emulsion, and Plimont medical devices, and expedite the commencement of the construction of 10-billion-yuan projects such as Yankee Yamba and Jinling Petrochemicals, etc., and continue to consolidate and expand the leading position of the industry in the advantageous industries such as new materials, intelligent manufacturing, automobiles, and rail transportation. Ensure that the annual new 10 billion projects 2, 5 billion projects 7, more than 1 billion yuan 30 projects, more than 200 billion yuan of industrial projects.

Responding to the government's call, ZTE Smartech will actively promote the landing of the hyperbolic strategy, attract the aggregation and development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain around the construction of the 5G fully-connected factory, form a digital industry cluster, radiate and drive the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries in Nanjing and the surrounding areas, and help upstream and downstream enterprises navigate the new future of Smart Computing.

"Guoxuan New Energy's global industrial chain base project landing in Liuhe Longjia will be completed and put into production in June this year, with an annual business income of 1.5 billion yuan." Zhang Feng introduced that the company will promote industrial agglomeration and chain improvement through the project, drive the synergistic development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry.

New "10 billion" enterprises to play a leading role, a large number of enterprises to show their ability to take advantage of the momentum.

Kugo High Tech.

Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-Tech, relying on the advantages in material innovation, process innovation and technological innovation, to open up new fields, seize the new track, the formation of new advantages, the new product column ceramic membrane applied to the field of water, the new material adsorbent applied to the field of lithium extraction from the salt lake, this year, will continue to make efforts.

Jiangsu Prime Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. adapts the collaborative governance model to the requirements of the big data era.

Jiangsu Prime Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. will also continue to iterate new technologies, research and develop new products, explore new modes, and help industries realize quality and efficiency in green transformation and upgrading, and stride forward on the track of digital empowerment and green first.

Chasing the "ten billion", and set sail again.