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February 19

The city's new industrialization and industrial strength of the city to promote the General Assembly held

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The first meeting of the new year, the policy continues to increase

Let the optimal environment become the bottom of enterprise development

Representatives of a number of enterprises in the exchange of statements

Demonstrate full confidence in development


NJ Exton:

Robot shipments lead

Localized brand first
After 30 years of development, Nanjing Exton has built the core competitiveness of automation core components and industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing, and has become the first Chinese intelligent manufacturing brand with robot intelligent manufacturing as its main business, and its business covers Europe, Southeast Asia and America. ▲

At the Exton Industrial Robotics Intelligent Demonstration Plant

Inside the large production hall

No workers in sight.

Robot Assembly Robot

Realization of assembly unmanned

After the information system receives the instruction from the production order, it automatically pushes the materials to the front desk in order. After the materials are placed on the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle), they are transported by the AGV to the various stations, assembled to the required position by the manipulator, and then realized to be tightened by the screwing robot.

According to third-party industry authority data, theIn 2023, Exton robot shipments in the Chinese market will rank first among domesticated brands, with sales reaching 25,000 units.. In terms of quality, technology and solution capability, it has been recognized and trusted by Ningde Times, BYD, Sany Heavy Industry and other excellent brands, leading the domestic robot brand to a new level. In the future, Exton will continue to increase R & D investment, to build the core competitiveness of the whole industrial chain of "robot core components + body + solutions". 2024, will develop and launch the ultra-heavy-duty robots, intelligent robotics product line to embrace AI artificial intelligence, to meet the arrival of the intelligent era.

Production workshop of Exton Automation Co. Correspondent Wang Qiang Nanjing Daily/Zijinshan News reporter Feng Peng photo

ZTE Smartech:

ZTE Servers

and storage product R&D and production centers

As the world's leading integrated communications solutions provider, ZTE Corporation has been deeply cultivated in Nanjing for many years, and the Nanjing R&D Center located in the Software Valley has become the largest R&D base of ZTE in the world. It is reported that the Nanjing R&D Center was established in 1993, with more than 15,000 personnel, and more than 70% are postgraduate students and doctoral students. 8.802 billion of software revenue was realized in 2023, an increase of 8.63%. The Nanjing Riverside 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base went into operation in March 2020, and the output value of 55.123 billion was realized in 2023, an increase of 10.881 TP3T. ▲

ZTE Riverside Global 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base. By Feng Peng, Nanjing Daily/Zijinshan News Reporter

1 minute to produce

Smart factory with 5 5G base stations

plant"Making 5G with 5G."


In May 2021, ZTE's server and storage product R&D and production center project was officially settled in Nanjing Binjiang 5G Intelligent Manufacturing Base, and ZTE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established, which is mainly engaged in the production and research and development of servers, disk arrays, distributed storage, backup all-in-one products, and related software. in 2023, the output value of ZTE Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. exceeded 10 billion yuan for the first time.

ZTE's Nanjing R&D Center in the Software Valley. 2024, ZTE Smartech will give full play to the leading role of a 10 billion enterprise, adhere to the innovation drive, based on the "connection", expand the "arithmetic", and actively promote the landing of the hyperbolic strategy. By building a full range of arithmetic base and AI platform for industry, industry and ecology, ZTE Wisdom will form digital industry clusters, and radiate and drive the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Nanjing and the surrounding areas.

Polaris Technologies:

Accelerating the construction of China regional headquarters

January 3 of this year

Star Chronicle Phantom Group and Jiangning Development Zone

Officially signed a contract to build the China headquarters project of Polaris Technology, which integrates R&D center, operation center, procurement center, sales center and delivery center. This is an important exploration to actively utilize their respective advantages and jointly make greater contributions to the development of intelligent networked vehicles and new energy automobile industry. ▲


Will accelerate the construction of Polaris Technology China headquarters

Building more stores and delivery centers in Nanjing

In the future, Polaris will join hands with Jiangning Development Zone to further enhance the capacity of green intelligent automobile industry, strengthen the innovation and development capability of new energy automobile industry, and build an open and symbiotic intelligent internet-connected new energy automobile industry ecosystem in the fields of automobile chip, intelligent cockpit, automatic driving and so on.

Full Transportation Technology:

Developing new quality productivity in freight platforms

Full Transportation Technology (Yunmang) is China's leading digital freight transportation enterprise, connecting truck drivers and cargo owners with users at both ends, introducing big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology into the logistics industry, integrating contract flow, cargo flow, data flow, capital flow and bill flow through business model innovation and technological innovation, and creating a "people, vehicles, goods, roads and warehouses" one-stop full-chain integrated logistics service platform. "Through the integration of contract flow, cargo flow, data flow, capital flow and bill flow, it creates a one-stop and full-chain integrated logistics service platform with all elements. ▲

The service platform of Yunmang. Picture for enterprise

2023 Luck is full of finalists

Top 500 Private Enterprises in China


Annual revenue of the main body in Ning5.5 billion dollars

Tax revenue of $460 million

The next step will be to further develop the digital freight transportation platform and promote the accelerated formation of new productivity. With the new mode of digital freight transport as a model, the integration and formation of high-quality socialized capacity organization and logistics one-stop supply and demand matching service platform, to promote the digitalization, intelligence and greening process of highway freight transport, and to create a new quality of productivity in the logistics industry.

Promoting new industrialization

Enterprises are the mainstay

At present, Nanjing has 700,000 enterprises, of which 20,400 are "four enterprises" and 4,715 are industrial enterprises. The next step, Nanjing will vigorously implement the advanced manufacturing industry to cultivate 10 billion enterprises to strengthen the action (click to view details), in the library of enterprises to strengthen the "one enterprise, one policy" focus on support, to encourage the key leading enterprises to better integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain, and to cultivate the formation of more core competitiveness and ecological dominance of " chain master" enterprises with core competitiveness and ecological dominance.

Adhere to scientific and technological innovation to empower industrial innovation

Continuously opening up new areas, creating new value and shaping new dynamics

Strive to make the new quality productivity

Nanjing High Quality Development

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