If you don't come to Nanjing, how can you know that the fall colors are like this?

  Is there a city that you have been thinking about for a long time? The past of the Six Dynasties, the charm of Zhongshan, the elegance of Qinhuai, and the flow of literature. Remember the past, drunken Jinling. Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is approaching, the ancient capital of Nanjing is full of osmanthus fragrance, is the face of extreme beauty to welcome guests from all directions. It is time for you to visit Nanjing!

Nanjing in Golden Autumn, the beauty is profound  

  Nanjing is covered in mountain colors, so come and read about the autumn in Jinling! Every autumn, the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum "the most beautiful 600 meters" will become a beautiful landscape in Nanjing, in the colorful interlacing tone cover, stone like the road looks more ancient and vicissitudes, infiltrated with the beauty of historical precipitation, low is the history of the long stretch, look up is the heavenly scrolls. As Yu Qiuyu said, "Nanjing, dissolve history in nature."

Nanjing in Autumn, the beauty of clarity

  "Traveling around the water at will, going up to the top of the city and even up the stairs." A pleasant autumn afternoon, in the Mufushan Mountain to see the Chenghuang River like a practice, in the reading of the river building to see the river Han autumn shadow, are a good place to clear the mind. Autumn color flow, "Pearl of Jinling" Xuanwu Lake, a curtain of lake and mountain color, become a mirror of the city.

Nanjing in Autumn, Beautiful and Romantic  

  Nanjing's romance, less to come to the Zhongshan Mausoleum Concert Stage to listen to a forest concert, in the forest surrounded by insects and chorus, with the famous song lingering, the breeze, which is in the most beautiful season, to enjoy the most beautiful art. Ten miles of Qinhuai, a thousand years of flow, all the way to the legend. Night mooring in Jinling, the boat over the waves, you can taste the intoxicating mood of Zhu Ziqing's paddles and lights; explore a river of clear waves, see a bright moon, listen to the romantic legend of the Peach Leaf Ferry, counting the bricks and tiles of the horse-head wall, and experience Wu Jingzi's "vegetable maids and bartenders have the smoke and water of the six dynasties".

Nanjing in Autumn, Beautiful and Spiritual

  Autumn wind is clear, autumn moon is bright. The motionless autumn wind drives away the heat and anxiety of summer, and the maple red and yellow leaves in the sky give the ancient capital a new look. In the red exuberance of Qixia Mountain, in the light and shadow of the falling leaves of Wutong Avenue, and in the golden swaying of Qingliang Mountain's Gingko Valley, you can slow down your steps and listen to the sound of the heart and the footsteps. Come to Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, feel the historical symbols in the textbooks and the net red reflecting rainbow bridge "in the same frame", will make your heart rise up a sentiment: "the bottom of the eyes of the river water, the heart of the matter of the Qinhuai."

  Jiangnan beautiful place, the six dynasties of wind and elegant set, Nanjing landscape city forests reflect, all over the cultural heritage, not only has a lot of well-known scenic spots, but also full of fireworks of the humanities streets. While traveling through the beautiful scenery, you can also stroll through the streets and alleys, experience a Nanjing people's "small fortune", hit the Nanjing people's daily life in the sweet plum cake and sugar taro seedling, duck blood vermicelli soup and Jinling soup dumplings fresh, hairy crabs and salted duck aroma ......

  Thousands of final departures and arrivals, the cause of thousands of heartfelt thoughts. "A year of good scenery must be remembered, the most is the time of orange, yellow, orange and green". In the golden fall, the most beautiful Nanjing is waiting for you!