Unannounced opening, Plum Blossom Festival meets the "plum" good, "fragrant" about enjoying plum at the time!

The spring breeze does not hesitate to travel ten thousand miles, one night to promote the fragrance of the mountains.

Plum Good Life Xiangyao Mei Li

2024 Nanjing Lishui Plum Blossom FestivalIt has been beautifully opened!

What's fun to do on site?

Let's take a quick look at it with the little brigade.

01Plum Blossom Festival released, flower season Lishui kicked off!

"Only the spring breeze is the most cherished, once a year a return." The 2024 Lishui Plum Blossom Festival is themed with "Plum Good Life and Fragrance", and the main event is located in Fujiabian Science and Technology Park on Honglan Street in Lishui, and the event lasts until the end of March.

Ten thousand acres of plum garden fragrance like the sea, ten miles of plum forest people like tide. This year's Plum Blossom Festival has been upgraded to give you a different flower garden experience.

Creative Punching Points are more innovative

Into the Fu Jiabian Agricultural Science and Technology Park of the west gate, into the eyes is surrounded by red plums on both sides of the tumbling stretches of the "Plum Boulevard", at the end of the Plum Boulevard on the north side of the Plum and camphor will come to the end of the "Plum Good Love Tunnel".

If you come to Lishui with your lover to enjoy the plum, you can take a stroll through the "Plum Good Love Tunnel" in Fujiabian Science and Technology Park, and feel the unique romantic experience in the sea of flowers in the mountains.

"In the daytime, the plum blossoms are elegant and clear, and at night, the gorgeous lights of the Plum Garden reflect the blossoms, giving them a different flavor.

There is a hand-painted "flower road", the ground also has a colorful plum blossom in the trail "bloom", meaning "step by step, flowers". Perhaps romantic encounters will start here, so call your sisters to come and "walk the flower road" together!

"Mui Hao Market" has become more distinctive

During this year's Plum Blossom Festival, a limited flash mob of "Plum Good Market" was created in spring, so that you can taste the flavor of Lishui and take away the gifts of Lishui while enjoying the plum blossoms!


Nighttime Plum Blossom Viewing, Starting Early Spring Romance

"Dark fragrance floating moon dusk", the light of the reflection, will bring the plum unique romantic and hazy, moonlit night under the Fu Jiabian Meiling, see, smell, are the plum thousands of gestures, and the sleeve of the dark fragrance.

This year's Plum Blossom Festival creates an exquisite art space for the flower system, lighting up areas such as Poetry Avenue, Plum Good Love Tunnel, Plum Pin Garden, Plum Blossom Plaza, and Fluorescent Walkway, creating a new scene of creative nighttime plum appreciation.

03Gorgeous fireworks, lighting up the night "plum" scene!

During the Plum Blossom Festival, there are continuous fireworks show performances in the Plum Blossom Square in Fu Jiabian, the streaming fireworks are red like fire, yellow like gold, white like snow ...... depicting a stunning night scene in the sky.