Cortical.io is a Vienna-based company that develops artificial intelligence solutions for intelligent document processing. The company's flagship product, SemanticPro, uses a unique approach to natural language understanding called semantic folding to extract, classify and analyze information from unstructured text. This enables organizations to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and gain insights from data.

core technology

semantic folding:cortex. io's proprietary natural language understanding methodology enables accurate and scalable processing of unstructured text.

Domain-specific language spaces:Cortex. the IO develops domain-specific language models tailored to the needs of a particular industry or application.

low computing power:Cortex. io's technology is designed to run on a cloud-based infrastructure, making it available to businesses of all sizes.


Insurance:Cortex. io's solutions are used by insurance companies to automate tasks such as underwriting, claims processing and fraud detection.

Legal:Cortex.Io's technology is used by law firms to extract and analyze legal documents, such as contracts and court documents.

Finance:Cortex. io's solutions are used by financial institutions to automate tasks such as KYC (Know Your Customer) checks and investment research.

HR:Cortex. HR uses io's technology to automate tasks like resume screening and talent acquisition.

our customers

Cortex. io has a growing client base of Fortune 500 companies and government organizations around the world. Some of its notable clients include Siemens, Allianz and Vodafone.

Industry Recognition

Cortex. io has been recognized for its innovative artificial intelligence technology and commitment to customer success. The company has received numerous awards, including.

  • 2023 Gartner Distinguished Vendor in Financial Analytics and Machine Learning
  • 2022 Frost & Sullivan North American Document Processing Innovation Award
  • CB Insights' Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Companies for 2021

Future prospects

Cortex. io is poised for continued growth in the coming years. The demand for AI solutions for intelligent document processing is expected to grow rapidly as organizations come under increasing pressure to automate tasks and improve efficiency. Cortex. io's unique technology and customer-centric approach make it ideally suited to meet this demand.

Overall, Cerebral Cortex. io is a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for intelligent document processing. The company's technology is highly accurate, scalable and easy to use. Cortex. IO is in a favorable position for continued growth as organizations seek to automate tasks and increase efficiency.