Jiangsu Langrun Huifeng Water-saving Irrigation Technology Co.

Established on January 19, 2022 in Nanjing National Agricultural Hi-Tech Industrial Demonstration Zone, facing the scenario market of landscaping, facility agriculture, high economic crops and coastal saline land transformation, it is committed to the research and development, production and application promotion of smart irrigation system based on soakaway technology Smart Soakaway Irrigation water saving compared to existing mainstream irrigation technology can be further increased by more than 25%, which possesses the advantages of water saving, cost reduction, and yield increase, It has the advantages of saving water, reducing cost, increasing yield, preventing grass, losing weight and so on. This new irrigation method will bring a revolutionary breakthrough in social, economic and ecological benefits. Lonrun Huifeng Technology shoulders the mission of "nourishing the thick soil and blessing the world", adheres to the values of "cheerfulness, moistness, wisdom and abundant harvest", and strives to become the leader of green intelligent agriculture based on the seepage irrigation technology.