Jiangsu Shixin Technology Application Research Institute Co.

Jiangsu Sihsin Science and Technology Application Research Institute Co., Ltd. has spent more than 20 years only focusing on defoamer business, with the defoamer manufacturer's responsibility to serve the global users, in the development and growth of more than 20 years, the company has a large number of domestic defoamer product patents and a certain scale of Asia's defoamer production base as well as a perfect experimental and pilot platform. The company in the focus, dedication, professional, special corporate culture cultivated to create a recognized industry, the industry recognized four new brand products.
Sihsin company also with new technology, new standards, new thinking, new market on the concept of thinking constantly digging and looking for relevant talent and development opportunities. Now the defoamer products cover many industry fields including textile, medicine, paper making, coating, petroleum, cleaning, food, fertilizer, cement, building materials, machining and so on. And gradually in the covered industries to create 2-3 star products. To meet the differentiated needs of users.
Antifoam agent has been widely used in various industries as an advantageous product that can improve production capacity, optimize work efficiency, precisely control product quality, reduce environmental pollution and control costs. The company also based on this to solve the difficult problems as a breakthrough. Creative breakthroughs in technical difficulties to create new products. And on this basis to improve the products through customized services. Therefore, the four new products are not only high stability, good anti-foaming performance, but also with short time, high efficiency and long time to become different from the domestic and even international market characteristics of the product. At present, the company's 7 series and 199 complete sets of products are not only sold nationwide but also exported to 19 countries overseas.
With the establishment of the leader in the industry, China National Standards Committee in 2009 commissioned the four new technology companies to develop China's first "silicone defoamer" industry standards. For China's defoamer industry standards and norms also made due contribution.
Future. Four new technology companies will also open up their own central laboratory, emulsion laboratory, silicone laboratory, paper laboratory, microbiology laboratory and related engineering technology centers to become an open society R & D institutions. And also to exceed the many foreign counterparts of similar products from the advance control of chemicals all the way to the technical tracking services packaged to the market, so that customers can truly experience the security brought about by the worry-free service.