Jiangsu Zhitunda Vehicle-mounted System Co.

Jiangsu Zhitunda Vehicle-mounted Systems Co., Ltd. is a science and technology-based company that integrates new automotive products, new technology development, and modification series supporting services. The company has a well-trained professional and technical team and complete production and testing equipment, design and production strictly follow the relevant national military standards and national standards. We have accumulated rich experience in design and production of various types of vehicle system modification. The company has passed GB/T19001-2008/IS09001:2008 quality system certification GB/T24001-2004/IS014001:2004 environmental management system certification GB/T28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification, high-tech enterprise certification, Special-purpose vehicle manufacturer, each utility model patent certification and related qualifications. Customized products for customers. The company's main products: power supply vehicles, testing vehicles, repair vehicles, fiber optic cable patrol vehicles, emergency communications vehicles, command vehicles, square cabin various types of vehicle systems integration vehicles and other special vehicle modification and sales, and continue to provide effective products for the market.
Main products: power supply vehicles, drainage vehicles, vehicle system integration, etc.; military products mainly include: power station ) military square cabin, communication command square cabin and integration, measurement and control of the series of square cabin and the entire vehicle and other products.