Jiangsu Zhongyi Automobile Co.

Jiangsu Zhongyi Automobile Co.
As a professional tuning car manufacturer, Zenith has always been committed to technological innovation, modernized production and total quality management, and has widely used its core technology and many invention patents in all kinds of products. At present, Zhongyi has a high-quality technical team of more than 300 people, with an annual production capacity of more than 3,000 vehicles.
The company has passed ISO9001 and GJB9001C quality management system, and has more than 100 varieties of modified vehicles, including ambulance, station wagon, commercial vehicle, communication vehicle, power supply vehicle (20KW-2000KW), monitoring vehicle, emergency rescue vehicle, police vehicle, military vehicle, etc., and is widely used in medical, commercial, financial, public security, troops, armed police, electric power, communication, Banks, transportation and other industries and fields.
Over the years, CIIC has established friendly cooperation with relevant domestic automobile enterprises, such as SAIC Group, Dongfeng Motor Group, Qingling Motor Group, Jiangling Motor Group, Fujian Benz and so on.