Kaiwu New Energy Automobile Group Co.

Kaiwu Group is a unicorn enterprise integrating new energy vehicle production, sales, research and development, and service, and the only new energy vehicle headquartered enterprise in Nanjing, with new energy vehicle sales ranking first in the province for many years. Kaiwu Automobile has a technical team of nearly 800 people with experts, PhDs and masters as technical leaders, focusing on excellent research and testing teams and advanced technical achievements in China. The new energy technology development platform has achieved the domestic first-class in independent research and development and testing; the technical achievements have created domestic first-class products in the areas of electric drive intelligence, vehicle control strategy, electric safety and security, lightweight, comfort design, and internal and external decorations. Kaiwu has applied for 1,311 patents, including 509 invention patents; 846 patents have been authorized, including 54 invention patents.