Kaiwu New Energy Automobile Group Co.

The Group's core subsidiary Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ranked second in the country in terms of production and sales volume of pure electric buses in 2014, fourth in the country in 2015-2017, third in the country in 2018, second in the country in 2019, and third in the country in 2020 with sales volume of 6,232 pure electric buses.

In terms of technology research and development, Kaiwu Automobile has a technical team of nearly 800 people with experts, doctors and masters as technical leaders, concentrating the excellent research and test team and advanced technical achievements in China. Through independent innovation and external cooperation, Kaiwu has applied for a total of 1,290 patents, including 477 invention patents; 804 patents have been authorized, including 36 invention patents.

(Skysource) was established by Kaiwu Group in 2015, focusing on the design, R&D and production of rechargeable power battery packs and battery management systems, automotive wiring harnesses, high-voltage distribution boxes, motor controllers, BMS and other automotive core components and systems. We are committed to producing safe, high-quality, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery packs and management systems through advanced battery technology, forming a perfect match with new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle charging stations and grid energy storage systems, and providing customers with high-quality new energy battery system solutions.

In 2017, Kaiwu Automobile formally entered the passenger car market, and the business and passenger car. It is expected that in 2025, the annual production and sales of 20,000 buses will be realized, and the main business income will be 20 billion yuan; the annual production and sales of 200,000 light vehicles will be 20 billion yuan; the annual production and sales of 500,000 passenger cars will be 50 billion yuan; the main business income of parts and components will be 30 billion yuan, and the total annual income will exceed 120 billion yuan. Realize the goal of 100 billion of Kaiwu new energy vehicles.