Nanjing Chenxu Auto Parts Co.

Nanjing Chenxu Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional injection molding and mold design and development of production of high-tech enterprises; Nanjing City, "specializing in fine, special new" enterprises and Jiangsu Province, science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is mainly engaged in the professional design and development of molds and production of plastic products, which are mainly used in automobiles, electrical appliances, power tools, biological, medical equipment and so on.

With advanced production machines and measuring instruments, the company strictly follows the IATF16949 system process to ensure the provision of first-class products in the industry. Our company insists on developing business relationships with a long-term vision, innovating in technology, continuously improving productivity and R&D capabilities, and developing human resources. The company advocates mutual respect and solidarity with customers, suppliers, peers, and government sectors. The company aims to eventually grow into an enterprise with strong competitiveness and good reputation, creating good social benefits, and makes continuous efforts to do so.

The company is mainly engaged in the design and processing of molds for automotive interior and exterior decorative parts, life electrical appliances plastic products, the design and manufacture of product inspection fixtures and their tooling. There are more than 100 employees, and the average annual tax is more than 3 million.In July 2018, we completed the replacement of IATF16949-2006 quality certificate, and in August 2019, we completed the system review, and in October 2018, we passed the CCC certification of automotive interior and exterior parts, and in November 2018, we got the certification of Jiangsu Provincial High-tech Enterprises. The company attaches importance to the investment in scientific research, the existing invention patents and utility model patents 3, all kinds of appearance patents more than 20 items

The company provides a full set of services from the optimization of product structure design scheme, to mold design and processing completion. Our products include automotive interior and exterior decorative parts, electrical parts, medical equipment parts, etc. We can design and manufacture inspection fixtures and corresponding tooling equipment according to the characteristics of the customer's products. We can design and manufacture inspection tools and corresponding equipment according to the characteristics of customers' products.