Nanjing Venture One Village Enterprise Service Co.

Startup One Village Inc. is a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. It provides entrepreneurs with a full range of services, including entrepreneurial training, entrepreneurial guidance, and entrepreneurial financial support. The services cover company registration, agency bookkeeping, business changes, trademarks and patents, website construction. Resource docking and other business, cumulative service customers 8000 +.

Over the past five years, Venture One Village has always been active in the incubator-based major entrepreneurial exchange platform, and reached a strategic cooperation with a number of incubation units, with the increase in the number of customers, as well as the expansion of the company's scale, the Venture One Village has also become a collection point of resources from all walks of life, the role of a resource converter for the majority of customers to do resource docking and sharing, and gained wide support and praise in the industry!