Nanjing Craft Equipment Manufacturing Co.

Nanjing Process Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a holding company of Nanjing Xin Gong Investment Group, engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of rolling functional parts, is a leading enterprise in the relevant industries in China, the company's main products are rolling functional parts series products represented by ballscrews, rolling guides and rolling splines, which are widely used in the fields of numerical control machine tools, national defense and military industries, artificial intelligence, automation equipment, new energy, semiconductors, electric injection molding machines, rubber and plastic, metallurgy, construction and other industries. Aerospace, electric injection molding machine, rubber and plastic, metallurgy, construction and other industries.

The company has built China's largest rolling functional parts R & D and manufacturing base, in terms of R & D capability, technology and equipment, brand influence, management level and scale efficiency, has been in the domestic industry leading level, with considerable visibility and reputation.

Due to the enterprise to the high-end rolling functional parts product production research and development needs, now need to seek relevant / similar industry experience background of foreign experts for technical consultation and exchange, the existing problems:
As one of the core supporting components of machine tools, rolling functional parts are mainly dependent on imports in the field of high-end products, which has become the short board of the industry; therefore, it is of great significance to improve the level of domestically produced rolling functional parts, increase the market share of high-end products, enhance the self-control capability of high-end rolling functional parts, and safeguard the safety of the industrial chain and the supply chain, and therefore, it is hoped that we can get the overseas experts who have experience in the relevant industry fields to provide technical support. For this reason, we hope to get technical support from overseas experts who have experience in the related industry to improve the technical ability, production and management level of Nanjing Technics products and further enhance the level of domestically produced high-end rolling functional parts.

Background on types of consulting experts

  • Experts with a background in the design of functional rolling element products/basic theory research.
  • Specialists with a background in the application of heat treatment technology for related products
  • Experts with experience in front-line on-site production management in rolling element related industries or manufacturing industries.
  • Experts in understanding thread grinding precision machining equipment (internal/external threads), linear guideway grinding machines, slide raceway grinding machines
  • Experts with relevant experience in manufacturing automation applications