Nanjing Hongjia Auto Parts Machine Co.

Nanjing Hongjia Automobile Parts Machine Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development, production and sales of elastic and stamping parts such as various types of steel band elastic clamps, throat clamps, steel wire clamps, and various kinds of leaf springs for hose connection. The products are widely used in automobile and engineering machinery. After more than ten years' development, Nanjing Hongjia has been restructured from a subsidiary of a military industrial enterprise (State-owned Factory No.513), adhering to the strict quality management system and concepts of the military industry, with a strong professional foundation and a full range of products. At present, it has become an elastic clamping hoop manufacturer with advanced technology level and large production scale in China. Main customers: Shanghai Volkswagen, Chery, FAW Volkswagen, Changan Suzuki, Changhe Suzuki, Zhengzhou Nissan, Great Wall, Tianjin Pengling. The products implement the technical standards of European, American GM, Japanese Suzuki and Korean companies respectively. Customers can choose from the existing products or customize them according to their own requirements. Nanjing Hongjia can provide technical services and participate in customer's design and development.