Nanjing Kaiyong Construction Engineering Co.

Nanjing Kaiyong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was established on February 28, 2020, the scope of business includes licensed projects: all types of engineering construction activities; general contracting for housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects (projects subject to approval by law, only after approval by the relevant departments to carry out business activities, the specific business projects subject to the results of the approval) General projects: earthwork construction; landscaping engineering construction; Sports Ground Facilities Engineering Construction; Metal Doors and Windows Engineering Construction; Engineering Management Services; Interior Decoration; Human Resources Services (excluding job intermediary activities); Leasing of Construction Machinery and Equipment; Wholesale of Construction Materials; Retail of Construction and Decoration Materials; Wholesale of Machinery and Equipment; Building Cleaning Services; Property Management (except for projects subject to approval according to law, carry out business activities independently according to the law with business licenses)