Nanjing Tianguo Agricultural Technology Co.

Nanjing Tianguo Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2015, is located in Baima National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, 45 kilometers from Nanjing International Lukou Airport, 10 kilometers from Lishui high-speed rail station station, close to the Ninghang Expressway, Yanjiang Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. It is an agricultural production and processing enterprise specializing in planting, research and development, processing and sales of agricultural products such as blueberries, blackberries, yellow raspberries, red raspberries and goat's milk fruits. The introduction of advanced fruit automatic cleaning and sterilization equipment, the existing fresh fruit selection and packaging processing line; fresh fruit quick-freezing processing line. Own blueberries and other planting base of 200 acres, and fruit farmers contract base of 700 acres, has an annual processing of blueberries and other types of berry products more than 1,000 tons of production scale.