Founded in 2013, TechBBQ started as a small BBQ gathering in Copenhagen and has organically grown into a flagship event that defines itself as Scandinavia's largest and coziest tech gathering. Held every September, the annual summit goes beyond the traditional tech conference, combining global networking, trend discussions, and pep talks with the warmth and comradery of a BBQ.

As a company deeply rooted in the Nordic spirit, TechBBQ's mission goes beyond organizing events. It is actively involved in various programs aimed at enriching the startup environment. The Venture Capital Program is an online matchmaking event that connects promising startups with investors, while TalkBBQ draws on the essence of TechBBQ on the road in different Danish cities.TechBBQ Sapporo's global reach extends to TechBBQ Sapporo, a collaboration that introduces the concept of TechBBQ to a Japanese audience. The Founder Wellness program focuses on mental health in the startup ecosystem, and the Impact Series promotes green and impact entrepreneurship.

TechBBQ's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship is reflected in its core values of overcoming egos and barriers while promoting openness, trust and inclusion. The overarching vision is to position the Nordic entrepreneurial ecosystem as a driver of innovation, risk and technology. The current theme is "Entanglement", which summarizes the intricate interplay of technology, companies and the world. The theme speaks to the challenges and opportunities faced by founders in a world characterized by hyperconnectivity. It emphasizes that decisions made in the startup ecosystem can have a profound impact not only on current business, but also on technology, socio-politics, environmental sustainability, and broader business development prospects.TechBBQ aims to be more than just an annual event. It aspires to be a year-round open platform that creates an immersive experience that supports innovation, risk and technology.With a special emphasis on sustainability and impactful entrepreneurship, TechBBQ positions itself as a key player in connecting and strengthening the Nordic and Baltic ecosystems in the broader global tech community.