Demolition! Lishui 3 plans released, involving cultural tourism ......

Recently, Lishui released 3 plans, involving cultural tourism and new energy industry projects. Below, share them with you:

1,Guo Xing Manor Comprehensive Upgrading Project Planning AdjustmentAfter the demolition of building 1#, this part of the building will be built together with the new hotel, and the function and flow line will be considered in a unified way. ......

2、Annual output of 9500 sets of logistics handling and transportation equipment production line technology reform project planning and design program out, to be builtFactory, dormitory, office areaThe total construction area is about 29,427 square meters.

3. The zinc-bromine energy storage construction project is located in Zhetang Street, with a unit area of 115.43 hectares, which is clearly defined in the provisions of the control plan "The height of the building may be exceeded locally but not more than 40 meters.", building density is not required.


Demolition of building 1#, combined with the hotel together! Guo Xing Manor Comprehensive Enhancement and Renovation Project Planning Adjustment

A few days ago, the Lishui Branch of the Nanjing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau releasedNanjing Lishui Guo Xing Manor Comprehensive Upgrading and Reconstruction ProjectPre-approval public notice of changes to planning permission.

This project is a comprehensive upgrading and renovation project of Nanjing Lishui Guo Xing Manor built by Nanjing Lishui Industry Investment Holding Group Co. It is located in the community of Wuxi Temple, Honglan Street, Lishui District.The zone map is below:

The land area of the project is 6864.88 square meters, floor area ratio is 0.83, building height is 11.99 meters. The total construction area is about 5508.75 square meters, of which the above ground construction area is about 5067.94 square meters, with the main function of hotel and catering service; the underground construction area is about 440.81 square meters, with the main function of water pump room.

The project received the construction project planning permit on June 19, 2023 (Certificate No.: Construction No. 320117202300228). According to the application of the construction unit, under the premise of ensuring the safety and beauty of the construction works, without breaking the limitations of the planning conditions such as plot ratio, height, etc., the new hotel and 1# building of the project will be changed on the approved planning map. The general plan is shown below:

According to "Nanjing Lishui District Ecological Civilization Construction Plan (2021-2025)", during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Lishui will create 100 beautiful and livable villages, and build Baima Red Li Lane, Honglan Guo Xing Manor, Jingqiao Zhisan Caozhuang, Hefeng Sanye Flower Blossom, Dongping Golden Manor, and Shiqiu Li Zaifeng Rural Garden Complex.

Lishui is actively exploring the development of rural tourism group linkage, take Guo Xing Manor area as an example, here, people can play Guo Xing Manor, Fu Jiabian strawberry garden, Plum Blossom Hill, Encounter Garden, Shan Au Village and many other tourist spots along the way. Behind the development of the group, is the Honglan street relying on the existing tourism products, and will bead into a chain, shaping the brand.

In the development process of characteristic idyllic village clusters, the creation of model villages for rural revitalization is usually taken as the core to drive the surrounding villages to form characteristic functional clusters of tourism and residential integration.

In addition, relying on a wealth of tourism products into a chain of pearls; adhere to increase investment, cultivate a better environment; adhere to create government support, departmental coordination, business together, publicity to follow up, tourists to participate in the "five-in-one" operating mechanism. Earlier, Honglan Guo Xing Manor group pilot, has achieved certain results.


Proposed plant, dormitory and office area! The planning and design of important projects in Lishui Dongping Street is releasedTwo days ago, the Lishui Branch of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources releasedAnnual output of 9,500 sets of logistics handling and transportation equipment production line technology reform projectPre-approval public notice of planning and design plans.

The project is an industrial project constructed by Jiangsu Guanchao Logistics Technology Co.Dongping streetNorth of Kaiping Road, East of Xingping Road. The zone map is below:

The total land area of the project is about 27,372.80 square meters, plot ratio 1.2≤Far≤2.5, building height ≤35 meters. Total floor areaApproximately 29,427 square metersThe current building report isPlant 5, Plant 6, Dormitory, Pumping PoolsTheA schematic of the general plan is shown below:

According to the general layout plan, it can be seen that the office area integrated with plant 5 has 3F, and the dormitory building integrated with plant 6 has a total of 6F.The rendering is as follows: