Chen Zhichang Leads Nanjing Delegation on a Study Visit in Austria

  From November 23 to 24, local time, Mayor Chen Zhichang led a Nanjing delegation on a study visit to Austria, visiting key enterprises and organizations to strengthen exchanges and mutual understanding and friendly cooperation, and promote mutually beneficial common development.

  Knowing each other is not far away, and we are still neighbors in ten thousand miles. At the Austrian SME Symposium, guests from the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Vienna University of Technology, the Austro-Chinese Relations Promotion Association and a number of Austrian SMEs had an in-depth discussion on artificial intelligence, green development, energy management, international freight forwarding and other areas.

  Everyone said that they would like to take this seminar as an opportunity to further deepen mutual trust and understanding, increase the docking in related areas and continuously improve the level of cooperation.

  Chen Zhichang interacted with everyone from time to time, he said, Nanjing market space is vast, and hoped that enterprises on both sides to deepen practical cooperation, and hand in hand to achieve mutual benefit and win-win industrial cooperation, scientific and technological innovation, green development, and humanistic exchanges.

  At the beginning of 2020, Gulou District of Nanjing and three districts of Vienna signed a Memorandum of Friendship Urban Area, and the two sides have made positive progress in strengthening exchanges and cooperation in many fields, including economy and trade, culture, and medical care.

  During the discussion and exchange with Ernst Wöhler, President of the Austrian Association for the Promotion of Chinese Relations and Speaker of the Vienna City Council, Chen Zhichang said that both Nanjing and Vienna are historical cities, cultural cities, livable cities and central cities, and he hoped that the two sides would further expand cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, culture, arts and tourism, and promote the mutual learning of experience in urban planning and construction, so as to realize a win-win situation of cooperation in a broader field and at a deeper level.

  Ernst Wöhler introduced the situation related to Vienna's urban planning and smart city construction, and said that there are many similarities between Vienna and Nanjing, and that he would like to further close contacts with Nanjing in various fields and create a new situation of exchange and cooperation between the two places.

  The Austrian Lenzing Group is the world's leading supplier of specialty fibers. Chen Zhichang visited the corporate headquarters and production bases, learned about the operation and development in detail, and exchanged views with Prince, the controlling shareholder of the group, and Steven Siraffe, the CEO, respectively. Chen Zhichang said that Lenzing Group has continued to accelerate product upgrading, strived to promote carbon reduction in the whole chain, and is a global leader in wood-based fibers and other fields. It is hoped that the two sides will build a closer and more pragmatic partnership and jointly build a new material industry cluster.

  Prince, Stephen Siraffe said, Nanjing business environment is excellent, the two sides have broad prospects for cooperation, the enterprise will adhere to the long-term development strategy, increase the investment layout in Ningbo, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

  The delegation also visited the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance and other institutions to discuss and exchange views on further strengthening friendly exchanges and expanding cooperation space, and reached a series of consensus.

  During the visit, Chen Zhichang called on the Chinese Ambassador to Austria Mei Qi.