Chen Zhichang Leads Nanjing Delegation on a Study Visit to Germany

  From November 19 to 22, local time, Mayor Chen Zhichang led a Nanjing delegation on a study visit in Germany to promote Nanjing's high-quality development environment, visit key enterprises and organizations, carry out friendly communication and exchange, deepen industrial innovation cooperation, and join hands to create a better future.

  China - Nanjing - Germany - Munich industrial cooperation and exchange will be a full house, the atmosphere is warm, from Germany's well-known multinational corporations, the world's top 500 enterprises, as well as industry leading enterprises, hidden champions, financial institutions, research and development institutions of more than two hundred guests gathered together to discuss cooperation. Chen Zhichang thanked everyone for their concern and support for the development of Nanjing, he said, for a long time, Nanjing and Germany continue to deepen cooperation and exchanges, a large number of German companies invested in Nanjing, realizing mutual benefit and win-win development.

  We hope that the two sides will further expand the field of cooperation, build a bridge of collaborative innovation, industrial cooperation, digital economy and green development, and continuously promote the cooperation between the two sides to a higher level. On the scene of the event, the person in charge of BMW Group, Siemens AG and Nanjing Tianjia Environmental Technology Co. spoke, and a number of industrial development and open cooperation projects were signed on the spot. Before the exchange, Chen Zhichang met with BMW Group Global Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Bo Yishan, BMW Group Global Senior Vice President Fu Yao and Siemens AG Digital Industry Group Motion Control CEO Achim Peltz respectively.

  Innovation has no boundaries, cooperation stimulates vitality. At the symposium for innovative enterprises in Germany, guests from the Federal Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Germany, China-Germany Science and Technology Innovation Center and many innovative enterprises shared their views on deepening collaborative innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting sustainable development, and strengthening cooperation in exhibitions and conferences. Chen Zhichang interacted with the guests from time to time and thanked them for their insights. He said that both Nanjing and Germany possess the spirit of integrity and innovation, the determination to stick to industry and the temperament of low-key pragmatism.

  We will continue to learn from the valuable experience of German enterprises in innovation and development, strengthen international innovation and industrial collaboration, continuously optimize the open innovation ecosystem, accelerate the construction of industrial science and technology innovation highland, and jointly make a bigger "cake" of the real economy, innovation economy and digital economy. The guests said that the exchange further deepened their understanding of Nanjing, and they would like to seek exchanges and cooperation in more fields to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

  German-funded enterprises have a deep history of cooperation with Nanjing and have made positive contributions to Nanjing's economic and social development. During his stay in Germany, Chen Zhichang led a team to visit the headquarters of a number of German-funded enterprises to deepen mutual trust, expand cooperation and promote projects. In Bosch Group, Chen Zhichang introduced Nanjing's development situation to Christian Fischer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and said that Bosch has been cooperating with Nanjing for nearly 30 years and has achieved remarkable results, hoping that the Group will increase its layout in Ningbo and promote more future industries and core businesses. Fischer said that Bosch Group is very optimistic about the development of Nanjing, looking forward to the two sides to further expand the areas of cooperation on the existing basis, and strive to achieve a higher level of development.

  Walking into the BASF Group, Chen Zhichang and executive board members Kelley in-depth discussions, the two sides said that they will play to their respective advantages, accelerate the project promotion efforts, and jointly write a new chapter of win-win cooperation. In Merck Group, Chen Zhichang had a discussion with Robert Nas, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences, Benedict Ernst, Vice President of Electronic Technology, and Sebastian Cannon Messier, Senior Director of Global Policy and External Affairs of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Both sides indicated that they would continue to deepen communication and docking, further identify cooperation points of convergence, and seek for more opportunities for cooperation in the fields of life sciences, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and electronics and information. Chen Zhichang also visited Allianz Insurance Group and had an in-depth exchange with Vice President Mae Yan Kai, who said that Nanjing is building an important financial center, vigorously developing financial insurance and asset management and other businesses, and welcome to come to Ningbo to layout and develop, and work together to create a better future.

  During their stay in Germany, Chen Zhichang and his entourage paid a visit to Tong Defa, the Chinese Consul General in Munich.