The city's construction has suddenly accelerated! What's happening in Jiangbei?

Jiangbei New District, running out of acceleration!

NJ population figures released yesterday.With a resident population of 1,140,000, Jiangbei New District ranks 2nd in the city!The urbanization rate is also as high as 98.09!

After surviving the harsh winter, the market is warming up after the holidays with the naked eye, and just recently, the 2024 Nanjing City Construction Plan was released, and Jiangbei has been bombarded with a new round of benefits! Municipal public infrastructure construction:Countdown to start construction of Nanjing North Railway Station, renewal of underground space in Jiangbei New Area.

Transportation infrastructure development:The construction of Jianning West Road Crossing over Jiangbei Avenue Expressway Project started, accelerating the construction of Line 4 Phase 2.

Commercial.The second Sam's Club store in Nanjing is expected to officially open on May 25 this year.

Currently.The Sam's Club logo is now on the wall!

The data, realization and benefits of the region have also been transmitted to the Jiangbei property market.

Previously.Jiangbei Yanlord's first opening, becoming the first lottery disk in 2024, and sold 85% of it, triggering a unanimous gasp of amazement from those in and outside the industry, "It's still a shock, even though it's Renheng."

Recently.Jiangbei sales offices and began to influx of buyers, from online to offline, from developers to buyers, have entered a "chicken blood" state.

Taking advantage of this wave of small sunny spring, we ran some sales offices on the ground, and some of the sales and home buyers to communicate and exchange found that the characteristics of the home buyers in Jiangbei is very distinctive:Young, highly educated and concerned about quality of life.

They ran to the north of the river, why exactly?


As early as 2020, Shell's statistical counts have shown that in the city of Nanjing, the80% or more of the main home buyers who just need to buy a home are already in the 90sThe

These vibrant waves, came to Nanjing to find a bigger stage, before the house is a lot of people are difficult to overcome the "hurdle".

But today, the housing market has undergone a structural change:

1) Low-priced, low-quality, purely just-needed homes are increasingly losing their ability to hold their value;

(2) A large number of talent apartments and shared ownership housing, which gives the convenience of stage residence and cost-effective home purchase;

3)Rigid home buying options become wider and more demandingThe

To put it bluntly, there is no shortage of houses in Nanjing, but there are very few houses that can satisfy young people's "both wants and needs".

Seriously, all love Sky Modern, love the bustling life and want to live a comfortable yet luxurious life for not much money. It's really hard to satisfy the pickiness of this young generation!

Thankfully, Jiangbei New District is stepping right on the heartbeat of the young.

One of the major factors:The value for money of the houses in Jiangbei New District, a butterfly change.

Objectively speaking, for a long time, the quality of the house in Jiangbei and even Nanjing, many people have quite a few words, whether it is just demand or improve the house, whether it is the facade or landscape, are slightly rough.

The quality of the house and the high barriers to homeownership are in contrast to the investment significance of the house over the value of homeownership.

And today, we are witnessing a radical change in the new Jiangbei District.

It is one of the experiences of true happiness in life to work hard for yourself in the city, buy a house you like, decorate it in your favorite style and live freely.

Who doesn't like to live in a neighborhood that is sophisticated and decent, with neighbors who are courteous and well-spoken? But no quality lifestyle is cheap or costly.

In Jiangbei, we have witnessed Poly, Jinki, Yanlord and other brand-name real estate companies have settled in, with a consistently high standard to create quality real estate, while the "ticket" is becoming more and more friendly.

Young people don't eat condescension and PUA anymore, so JNB offers solid friendly options.

As an example: more than 2 million dollars to get a new house in Yanlord with clubhouse + finishes! Where else can you get such a good deal?

Friendly price, quality of life, can put down a bed, full of bookshelves, full of sunny ideals, no longer confined ambitions about the future.

When cost-effective and wonderful improvements are on the table, it evokes a utopia for young people.


In the past, shopping, living, working, and education often fragmented life, and people in cities were tired of catching up.

Dense buildings, running bodies and tired minds inevitably cast a shadow over urban life.

Jiangbei New District, from 0 to start drawing on blank paper, also means "living + consumer life + work + education" really 4 in 1 integration, which is very different in nature.

There are CBD parks, first-class colleges and universities, and a dense concentration of highly educated people. Behind these densities are young people, expectations and the future, so how to tease and soothe these new forces has become the key word.

1) Universities + industry to attract young people

NIT, NNU, SINU, SNA ...... Jiangbei New District's university resources, has not to be underestimated.

A steady stream of talents and hard-core technologies flow from universities to the market, injecting fresh blood into the industrial development of the new district.

Of course, the industries in the new district are also like cogs that drive the whole chain.

For example, the R&D Park, focusing on the three core industries of "integrated circuit design, intelligent manufacturing research and development, and big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence," has built a 5 million square meter scientific research carrier on 23 square kilometers of land.More than 10,000 companies have gathered, the industrial population has exceeded 100,000, and the volume of the "research and creation economy" has expanded to 100 billion.

The new campus of Nannong will be opened in September this year, and the industrial high-rise buildings in the park are still under construction, and the curtain of the development of Jiangbei New District is being opened.

(2) Consumption field is more youthful

Jiangbei is not limited to ordinary commercial complexes, but a combination of new forces based on the basic disk of universities and industries.

The fast pace of urban life does not mean that the needs of young people are discounted, it is the fast pace, high-speed operation of the "individual" need to be more "healing and relaxation".

Sand Boat, Hongyue City, Hongyang Plaza, China Resources Vientiane, Golden Elephant City, Longhu Tianjie ...... endless layers of freshness and crowds.

upcomingOriental Gateway City, Nanjing's second Sam's Supermarket, again pulling the youngsters' expectations up to the fullest, the atmosphere is set in place.

On one side is industry, where young people struggle on;

On one side is consumption, where young people hang out to eat and hit the streets.

Consumption is the thing that provides the image of the good life and gives the word "struggle" its most mundane and popular interpretation.

3) Taking the plunge to create an all-ages quality education

When we discuss the development of new districts, naturally, there is no shortage of land and housing sales, transportation and commercial industries, but in the end, it is education that must be used to keep people together, to keep a family together.

Where does the confidence in the development of education in Jiangbei come from?

Some people say, the Jiangnan school to the north of the river "move", simple and easy to operate; others say, rather than counting on others, it is better to be strong themselves.

Apparently, Jiangbei made a combination of the two -The bold and bold, the introduction of Jiangnan famous schools, while digging deep into the Jiangbei own quality education resources, forming a hard core of nine education groups.

Some people may be concerned that NJ is now full of prestigious schools, is the gold still guaranteed?

So, when you look at educational resources, you must look at its overall planning, its team, its student population, theThe investment in Jiangbei New District is tangible, and the convergence of high-profile industries and young people is visible to the naked eye.

There is no need for words, there is a natural confidence.


Innovation is the soul of Jiangbei New District, and young people, is the indispensable power engine.

The degree to which a city or region is welcoming and inclusive of young people is key to increased happiness and attractiveness.

One might ask: Jiangbei New District, on what grounds?

With cost-effective housing, a hot job market, vibrant city life, and long-term growth potential ......

Day and night, dare to follow their dreams. Waves of young people heading for Jiangbei New District find their belonging here.

The illuminated park and the increasingly large traffic flow bear silent witness to this.

For 2024, I'm going with River North.