Spring, the most Lishui

Spring has sprung. Everything is alive.

Every moment you look up becomes a spring limited.

Countless times the spring and the landscape invite you.

Discover "Spring, the most Lishui" with Little Traveler!

In spring, the plum blossoms of Lishui Fujiabian Plum Blossom Hill are in full bloom, like clouds and haze. As far as the eye can see, red, pink and white plum blossoms of various colors are blooming, the sea of flowers is like a tide, the dark fragrance floats, and the ancient pavilions and pavilions are reflected in the scenery, which embellish the spring light extraordinarily bright.

The 2024 Nanjing Lishui Plum Blossom Festival "Plum Good Life and Fragrance" has opened! The site has set up a night plum card point, which brings the unique romance and haze of plum blossoms under the reflection of lights. This year's plum blossom festival lasts until the end of March, let's feel the mood of "shadow and dark fragrance floating moon dusk".

Shishu Lake is full of green grass. In April, when the spring is getting thicker, Shishu Lake has a sea of green grass, just like a painter's brush with rich oil colors.

The boundless sea of grass, a trestle bridge and watchtower leading to the lake, and a strong artistic atmosphere ...... Let's wait patiently together until April, when the unique seasonal beauty, all of a sudden, make this place become a must-hit net red place in spring.

Zhongshan Lake in spring, the lake water is the most layered, turquoise in the near distance, and blue in the distance. The pure colors and clean air are soothing.

The lake surface is starlight jumping and sparkling, in spring, come to Zhongshan Lake to start a spring romantic date~