Tucked into the spring of Lishui, get weekend trekking guide!

Lishui in March.

The mountains are clear and moist, the water is shallow.

The willow on the embankment is drunk with spring smoke.

It's a great time to get out and about.

Little Brigade is giving you a copy of the Weekend Trekking Guide that

We invite you to revel in the spring of Lishui together!

The mountains and rivers are freshly colored with green, and the forests are full of visitors. Arrange a spring hike to encounter the romance of Mount Mukai and find the long-lost scent of spring in the mountains.

Tianchi in spring, the water is clear and pure, from the air, Tianchi is like a piece of warm jasper quietly lying in the gentle embrace of the thoughtless mountains. Walking in the mountains and forests, and the earth "dialog", and grass and trees "laughing", listening to the insects and birds, the heart and worries quietly said to the spring wind.

The Bamboo Sea Avenue is full of vitality and green in spring. The bamboo leaves rustle in the spring breeze, and the vast bamboo sea constitutes a unique beauty of Lishui.

Walking along the bamboo sea, along the mountain road, everywhere is permeated with the breath of spring. Standing on a high place and looking into the distance, bamboo floating shadow, rolling hills, that is the real version of the "Wizard of Oz".

Twenty-four flowers believe in the wind, plum blossoms bloom the earliest, it is the prelude to the prelude of spring flowers. Fu Jiabian thousands of acres of plum blossoms adorned with branches, into the plum blossom mountain, as if with the spring bumped into a full embrace, really romantic and lovely.

Fu Jiabian Plum Blossom Hill, the mountains are connected, rolling hills are planted on the plum blossom, the spring comes, the mountains are full of flowers, forming the Fu Jiabian unique ten miles of Plum Ridge, ten thousand acres of plum sea.

In spring, the blossoms of Qinhuai Plum Garden are in full bloom, which is one of the "Forty-eight Scenic Spots of Jinling" in Nanjing City's leisure tourism and agriculture. When the plum blossoms are in full bloom, as far as the eye can see, the plum blossoms all over the mountains are beautifully purple and red and enchanting, just like a large piece of sunset falling from the sky.

Closer look, a palace pink, cinnabar, hanging branch, beauty and other varieties of ornamental plum trees, a cluster of pink plum blossoms, charming and colorful, emitting a burst of fragrance, refreshing.

Early cherry blossoms in Menghuayuan are welcoming spring, strolling in Menghuayuan, patches of cherry blossoms, either red or pink like a young girl standing upright on the branches, vibrant and graceful.

Menghuayuan Garden has more than 1,000 cherry blossom trees and as many as 70 cherry blossom varieties, such as a series of early, middle and late cherry blossoms such as Chun Han Cherry Blossom, Kawazu Cherry Blossom, Yoshino Cherry Blossom, and Weeping Cherry Blossom, etc., and the cherry blossom avenue in the park is more than 3,000 meters long. Whether you stand under the flowers and smile lightly, or quietly lean against the fence beside the trees, or even just walk through the sea of flowers, you can leave a picture of a fairy .

People know the beauty and comfort of greenery, and they always have a preference for trees and grass. This spring, a trip to Shishu Lake. Lying on the sea of chinchilla grass to watch the clouds roll in, standing on the shore of Shishu Lake to see the tide rise and fall.

Tiansheng Bridge in the spring breeze is like a painting, riding a leisurely boat on the Rouge River to enjoy the sunshine breeze gently, the mountain color like Diane, the water is like a practice, the rumor of spring is above this landscape.