Mentor team "consulting" military enterprises

"What should I do on social platforms where personal numbers have good traffic but business numbers have poor traffic?" "How to do a good job of enterprise publicity?" On the afternoon of June 4, the Nanjing Veterans Affairs Bureau "into a hundred enterprises to solve the problem" the second regional forum was held in Jiangning District Workers' Palace of Culture, the site of the 27 military enterprises in charge of the questions, the mentor team on-site Q&A.

This symposium followed the form of the first symposium group discussion, the 27 military enterprises put forward the problem of summarization and classification, divided into enterprise management, marketing, new media consulting, finance and taxation, legal and declaration of consulting, funding four groups, and arrange for professional tutors on-site "pulse diagnosis", the problems raised by the enterprise, to provide targeted solutions. Provide targeted solutions to the problems raised by enterprises. In addition, the symposium also arranged for the mentor to carry out the new media operation live skills sharing.

"Our company mainly does building materials, and after we expressed our demands to the Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs, they arranged for us to attend some skills training, and have now initially solved some problems, giving our military-created enterprises a head start." said Liu Yongqing, general manager of Nanjing Qingning Decoration Design Co.

In addition to holding regional symposiums, the Municipal Bureau of Veterans' Affairs also organizes mentor teams to enter enterprises, meet the demands of enterprises, accurately docking and provide specialized support and services to further stimulate the vitality of military-created enterprises. A few days ago, the Municipal Bureau of Veterans' Affairs led the mentor team to visit Nanjing Gathering Dazzle Orange Shadow Culture Communication Co.

Ltd. is a film and television advertising company founded by retired military personnel. Wang Rui, the founder of the company, had an in-depth exchange with the special team of "Entering Hundreds of Enterprises to Solve Problems". "In the first half of the year, we found suitable talents through the job fair organized by the Bureau of Veterans' Affairs, which solved our labor demand. In addition, they also helped us establish contact with the China Merchants Bank, which solved our company's capital problems." Wang Rui said.

Talent and capital are also the problems that Nanjing Big and Small Catering Culture Management Co., Ltd. is facing, which have been effectively solved with the help of the Municipal Bureau of Veterans' Affairs. The founder of the company, Zhang Dawei, also raised the issue of brand promotion, the mentor team for its "advice" - for the active veterans to issue a "tribute to the most adorable people catering coupons". Zhang Dawei said, "Today I talked a lot with the mentors, they also put forward a lot of practical solutions, such as going to participate in the 'military small bazaar' to enhance brand awareness, and so on, to help us solve a lot of problems."

In 2024, the Nanjing Municipal People's Livelihood Project focused on "Entering Enterprises to Solve Problems" service, which has covered more than 100 veteran enterprises. At present, the first round of research in the city has been completed, and nearly 100 needs of enterprises have been sorted out. The Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs has responded quickly to assist the development of military enterprises through entrepreneurial guidance, market development and other measures. Two regional symposiums have been successfully completed, and the Municipal and District Veterans Affairs Bureaus have visited nearly 80 enterprises on the spot, and successfully solved problems for 54 enterprises in various fields such as finance and taxation, capital, new media consulting and policy declaration. In addition, the Municipal Bureau of Veterans' Affairs has set up mentor-specific guidance workgroups for nearly 100 enterprises, and has taken a variety of initiatives to provide precise services with remarkable results.

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