Lishui Manufacturing Enterprises International Expansion Matchmaking Meeting Successfully Concluded

Lishui Manufacturing Enterprises International Expansion Matchmaking Meeting Successfully Concluded

On the afternoon of May 10th, "Wisdom Gathering Summit-Innovation Building Dream"- International Expansion of Lishui Manufacturing Industry Matchmaking and Communication Meeting was successfully held in Nanjing Xingzhuang Science and Technology Park, hosted by Lishui Women's Federation and Nanjing Lishui High-tech Industry Investment Co. Lishui Xingzhuang Science and Technology Park was successfully held.

Members of the project management team of Nanjing High-tech Zone and Women's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Practice in Colleges and Universities, Jiang Hong, member of the party group and vice-chairman of the District Women's Federation, Mao Jinyu, deputy general manager of LiGao Investment Company, Wang Lingling, director of the Organization and Development Department of the District Women's Federation, Wang Lanfang, chairman of the women's federation of LiGao Investment Company, the relevant person in charge of the District Business Bureau, as well as representatives of the female entrepreneurs of the High-tech Zone and women workers from LiGao Investment Company, etc., more than 60 people participated in the activity.

The International Expansion Matchmaking Exchange Conference focuses on Lishui manufacturing enterprises and builds an innovative expansion platform full of opportunities and vitality through the workstation of female entrepreneurs, which helps to explore and develop international business.

In the event, Zhang Wenqiang, General Manager of Spar (Hangzhou) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was invited as the expert mentor of the event. Zhang is a ten-year cross-border seafarer, but also DTB, DTC brand seafaring practitioners, has through the Ali international station, Google independent station, social media and other channels to build smart home, long-term deep plowing supply chain, from OEM to ODM to OBM, in the design, R & D, manufacturing, marketing as a whole, is committed to China's smart brands to go to sea! The scene for us to deeply analyze the international overseas manufacturing market status quo, as well as the potential charm of the international expansion market.

free exchange

During the free exchange session of the seminar, the entrepreneurs actively asked questions about the supply chain management problems, cost control challenges, market positioning confusion and promotion strategies faced by their enterprises in the journey of international expansion, and frankly shared their practical experience and insights. Mr. Zhang gave detailed answers and professional guidance on these issues one by one, providing a series of strategic solutions and strategic suggestions to the entrepreneurs.

Floral Experience

In addition, as Mother's Day is approaching, the activity also arranged floral experience activities, so that every lesbian at the scene can feel the warmth and care of the festival in the midst of their busy work.

This docking and exchange meeting provides a platform for female entrepreneurs to communicate and learn, which not only enhances the connection between enterprises, but also injects new vitality into the development of manufacturing industry in Lishui area.

As the opening work of the theme program "Wisdom Gathering Summit, Innovation and Dream Building", the International Expansion Matchmaking Exchange Meeting was successfully held. Next, a series of exciting activities such as international online exchange meetings and financial training lectures will be organized, and we are looking forward to the participation of all colleagues and the opening of a new chapter of wisdom collision and dream building!

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