"What are the special requirements for proof of no criminal record and proof of work experience in applying for a foreigner's work permit to China?" "Which is the most convenient way to apply for permanent residence? ""Which is the most convenient way to apply for permanent residence now? What are the most simplified materials required? ...... In the Tencent conference room created by Nanjing Foreign Experts Bookstore (Lishui), such questions came and went, overwhelming the organizers.

  At the beginning of the activity, the person in charge of Nanjing Xiaohu Science and Technology Service Co., Ltd, on behalf of the operator of Lishui Foreign Experts Bookstore, reported to the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology on the annual work of the bookstore and the future development plan. She said that she will firmly implement the spirit of "creating a favorable environment for the growth of science and technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises" and "strengthening international exchanges of talents and making good use of all kinds of talents" emphasized in the report of the 20th CPC National Congress, and under the guidance of Foreign Talent Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, innovate the service content and provide the best service by carrying out reading. Under the guidance of the Foreign Talent Research Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Center innovates its service contents and provides a high-quality place for foreign talents to learn about Nanjing, exchange ideas, and get in touch with each other by carrying out reading clubs, salons, and folklore exchanges, etc. The Center is committed to building the bookstore into a "house of books" and a "house of dreams" for foreign talents.

  As the 4th foreign experts' bookstore built by Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau, the building area of this place is nearly 5000 square meters, equipped with reading room, multi-functional roadshow hall, entrepreneurial coffee bar, product exhibition area, and several negotiation rooms and conference halls. The environment and the overall atmosphere are in line with the preferences of foreign talents. Meanwhile, the construction of the bookstore has also been supported by Lishui District Science and Technology Bureau, which superimposed the functions of the bookstore with those of Lishui HaiChuangyuan and Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center (Denmark), giving the bookstore more missions of linking Nanjing and overseas.

  Dr. Ellen Wieck-Mesarosch from Germany, CEO of Nanjing Potential Unlocked Business Consulting Co., Ltd, was an invited guest of the event. After working at McKinsey for many years, she came to Nanjing with her husband, and shared her experience of how she went from an accompanying family member to an entrepreneur, and also expressed her love for Nanjing and Lishui, and she encouraged the expatriates on the line to She encouraged the foreign students on the line to keep an open mind, positively embrace change, and become better selves and better leaders. Finally, she also looks forward to meeting more foreigners like her who have started their business in Nanjing in the future, enjoying the delicious coffee in the bookstore while enjoying a bright future.

During the activity, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau also gave detailed explanations on the business of foreigners' permits to come to China and foreigners' visas/residence, etc. The relevant contents also aroused the attention and interest of the talents and enterprises on the line, and the interactions were continuous, and there were even the phenomenon of many people asking questions at the same time, and the staffs of the two departments patiently answered and guided the questions, and the session lasted for nearly two hours until the end of the meeting. Until the end of the meeting, there were still a lot of talents and enterprises expressed that they still have questions to be answered. After the meeting, the organizer gave feedback on the collected questions one by one.

As the annual activity brand of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology to serve foreign talents and employers, "Pitch-Day" Salon aims to help foreign talents find and expand their circle of friends by delivering the latest information on innovation and entrepreneurship policies in Nanjing, telling their stories of innovation and entrepreneurship in Ningbo, and sharing their experiences in life, work and study. The purpose of the Salon is to help foreign talents find and expand their circle of friends with "the same wisdom" by telling their stories about the latest innovation and entrepreneurship policies in Nanjing. This activity is a new attempt under the epidemic environment. Although the epidemic has blocked the spatial distance between people, the opening of the "cloud" channel has made the service "distance-free". Next, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology will also innovate working methods and enrich the content of activities, so that foreign talents can enjoy more flexible, more convenient and more cozy services.