On April 15, Jiangsu Xiaohu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. joined hands with Black Lake Wisdom, entered the Champion Technology, Youfu Pump, Jinbang Power, Huyou Metallurgy and other well-known enterprises in Lishui, traversing the cycle, leading by numbers, and bringing a unique wisdom to change the number of activities through the online connection and offline docking.

Wisdom to change the number of revolutions to be one step ahead of others

  In the "era of intelligence" and enterprises, digital transformation is no longer a "multiple choice question", but a "mandatory course" for survival and long-term development. In the previous enterprise visits, Xiaohu Technology visited factories to understand the status of enterprise digital transformation and collect enterprise demands. The smart change digital to customized linkage, the depth of the core pain points in the process of enterprise digital transformation, for the upstream and downstream industry chain management, multi-factory synergy, customized solutions, etc., Tiger Jr. and Black Lake Intelligence did a detailed and comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the activity site.

  In the online factory free diagnosis session, through the analysis of the current digital status of the enterprise, software and hardware setup, data security and other issues, Xiaohu Technology and Black Lake Intelligent Manufacturing to the core products as an example, to give the appropriate answers.

▎ Walking with Enterprises Helping Enterprises Transform

  Tiger And TechPartnersBlack Lake Sci-TechIt is a "partner" in the digital transformation of factories, relying on cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies, has launched the "Black Lake Wise Manufacturing", "Black Lake Small Work Order", "Black Lake Supply Chain", etc.SaaS applicationsIt constructs an entry-level industrial collaboration platform, breaks the internal and external data silos of manufacturing enterprises, realizes real-time aggregation of production site information, collaborative analysis and decision-making, and allows manufacturing clouds to be online, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to be interconnected and efficiently collaborate.

▎ Customized services Efficient turnaroundmodel

  "This year we added new production lines, the original ERP system has been difficult to meet our needs, through today's introduction, we are very interested in the forward traceability and reverse traceability of the collaborative platform, able to real-time dynamic management of the whole process of production, it is a very practical function for us." The person in charge of Huyou Metallurgy said at the event.

  In the future, Xiaohu Technology will lead the partners into more enterprises to help enterprises efficiently realize digital transformation, traverse the cycle and witness the power of intelligence ......