Flying snow falls into poetry, and Lishui is beautiful like this after the snow!

No matter how many times I have seen snow.

Encountering the first snow always makes people excited.

This winter's first snow falls lightly.

It brought the beautiful "Lishui Snow Scenery"!

Today, let's enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lishui after snow~

Wuxiang Mountain after snow.

Quiet and pure mountain forest.

Everything is wrapped in silver.

It seems particularly moving.

The snow scenery of Wuxiang Mountain has a unique style.

Although it is winter.

The mountains and forests here are still colorful.



The heavy snow in late winter is flying all over the sky.

In the falling snow.

Tiansheng Bridge is decorated with silver and poetic charm.

White snowflakes fell all over the treetops.

Like silver branches and jade leaves.

Decorate the scenery of lakes and mountains to make it more unique.




Donglu Mountain after snow, with the help of the local government.

It was covered with a layer of Zen.

Against the backdrop of the yellow walls and black tiles, I feel clear and tranquil.

Guanyin Temple after snow.

From the temple gate to the quiet path.

Instantly calms the restless mind.

Cave wall piano sound

The sound of the piano on the cave wall behind the snow.

The white snow and green bamboo complement each other, and the white snow and green bamboo complement each other, and the white snow and green bamboo complement each other.

It's truly spectacular and charming.

The snow is everywhere, like a dream.

Everywhere is covered in silver.




Zhou Yuan

Zhou Garden after the snow.

There are hundreds of rooms with white walls and black tiles, and the most important thing is that they have a lot of space.

Exquisitely carved eaves and corners.

Like an ink painting with thick ink and heavy colors.

Exuding the poetry of Jiangnan, the scenery is fascinating.



Snow falls quietly on Dajin Mountain,

encompassing all things.

Common sights in scenic spots on weekdays.

Plus this touch of pure white.

Everything has changed happily.

Snowflakes are falling, leisurely and graceful.

It adds a bit of layering to this winter picture.



Yuyuan is covered with snow.

Looking at it, it has more of an ink texture.

Snow has fallen on the pavilions and pavilions, giving them a unique charm.

This is the snow in Jiangnan.

Hansu, Qingying,

The whole Yuyuan becomes peaceful and poetic because of the snow.


Wuxiangshui Town

Snowflakes are falling in Wuxiangshui Town, the city of Wuxiangshui, and the town of Wuxiangshui, the city of Wuxiangshui.

Calm, gentle and poetic.

The winter wind blows gently.

Blowing strings of silver flowers is really moving.

Stroll through the peaceful and peaceful Wuxiang Water Town, the largest and most beautiful city in the world.

Have a romantic encounter with snow.

Nanjing Rose Garden

Snow, like a cute elf.
sneaked into the Nanjing Rose Garden.
The sky and the earth are covered in silver and the vegetation is pure.
making the entire rose garden crystal clear.

The white snowflakes add
A lot of romantic color here.
Menghua Court

Entering the Menghua Garden after the snow.

It's more like walking into a fairy tale kingdom.

Gardens, gardens, woods,

It's even more magical because of the snow.

This is a place that always surprises people