Fighting for big projects, struggling to open the door!

Continuing construction in the Spring

A number of provincial and municipal major projects site

Builders stick to the project line

Struggle to do the attitude of igniting the "New Year red"

Construction of 4 subway lines accelerated

Ningma Line Ningqiao Road Station ~ Jiangning Station interval elevated interval, Line 5 Wutaishan Station, Shanghai Road Station, Chaotiangong Station, Sanshan Street Station, Xianguan Station, Nanjing West Station, Line 7 South Lake Station ~ Mochou Lake Station interval, Line 11 Mingbin Road ~ Liuzhou East Road interval. During the Spring Festival, the construction of these four lines of the Nanjing Metro accelerated. Civil construction site, hundreds of construction workers work in an orderly manner, steel bar binding, concrete pouring continued. Each team at the construction site strengthened the emergency management work, faced with emergencies in strict accordance with the emergency plan and disposal measures to ensure construction safety.
In order to ensure that the construction process during the Spring Festival is carried out normally, Nanjing Metro layout in advance, the construction arrangements during the Spring Festival for the unified planning, do a good job of management personnel on duty arrangements for the Spring Festival, the strict implementation of the daily daily inspection system, the arrangement of specialized personnel on the construction site enclosure closure, bare soil coverage, dust control, etc. to carry out a comprehensive inspection, arrangements for the construction of logistical support for construction personnel and safety and technical briefings to ensure that the construction of the Spring Festival in an orderly and safe manner. The construction of the Spring Festival in an orderly and safe manner, to guard the safety line of defense, to provide a more solid guarantee for safe production.

At the construction site of Mingbin Road Station of Metro Line 11 Phase I in Mingfa Bund Plaza, the intelligent big screen shows the busy figures of workers underground. The main structure of Mingbin Road Station has been topped out, and the right shield of the interval between Mingbin Road Station and Liuzhou East Road Station started from Mingbin Road Station last year and is digging in according to the plan. This section of the interval is about 740 meters long, and has been advanced half. Because it is in the downhill section, it needs uninterrupted jacking, so it can't stop during the Spring Festival.

"Strong chain to complement the chain", the enterprise to fight "open the door to red"During the Spring Festival holiday, Pukou District, the core love high-end substrate project equipment installation does not stop, not gear, grab the schedule, fight progress, fight "open the door". This project focuses on the research and development, production of integrated circuit industry core materials - high-end substrate. The project plans a total investment of 10 billion yuan, divided into two phases of implementation, a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan, fully completed and put into production, is expected to high-end substrate annual output of up to 1.45 million tablets, can realize the annual output value of about 4 billion yuan, is expected to pay taxes of about 200 million yuan, can drive the employment of about 2,400 people. At present a project engineering entity has been fully completed, part of the production equipment has been installed and commissioning and small-scale production.
Equipment installation and commissioning is a continuous and precise process, in order to debugging "constant file", the project side chose to seize the Spring Festival "golden slot", non-stop testing, optimization, optimization.

Xinjiekou Business District "New Landmark"Jinling Central is part of the East Iron Pipe Lane site, neighboring Wangfu Street to the west and Zhongshan South Road to the east. As a new member of the Xinjiekou business district, the underground will utilize passages to seamlessly connect with the subway and underground space. Above ground, through the air corridor, the building of different plots of land to realize the series connection. After the project is fully completed and put into use, it will inject new vitality into the consumption upgrade of Xinjiekou business circle and help the construction of Nanjing International Consumption Center City.
During the Spring Festival this year, Qinhuai District Jinling Central Project "does not close" continuous construction, with the New Year's perseverance, for the city construction "add bricks and mortar". At present, a number of buildings have been completed, leaving only the commercial body skirt in the accelerated construction.
In order to ensure the normal advancement of the construction of the Spring Festival, the project department deployed in advance, from the safety and quality, process progress, pre-holiday stability and other aspects of the arrangements, and actively communicate with the labor team, in advance of the coordination of materials; at the same time, in order to let the construction workers in Nanjing can also feel the "New Year's Eve", the project side to fully protect the workers' working life in the festival, and continue to supply an adequate supply of New Year's Eve materials and provide a good rest environment. At the same time, in order to let the construction workers also feel the "New Year's flavor" in Nanjing, the project party fully guarantees the working life of the workers during the festival, continuously supplying sufficient New Year's Eve materials and providing a good rest environment.

Jianning Road West CrossingJianning West Road crossing the Yangtze River Channel is located between the Yangtze River Bridge and Yangzi River Tunnel, direct docking between the main city and the core area of Jiangbei New Area, which is of great significance to drive the development of Jiangbei New Area, and also an important diversion channel to alleviate the traffic pressure of the Yangtze River Bridge. During the Spring Festival, Jianning West Road Crossing Jiangnan Link - Main Line Tunnel East Extension Project construction of the third and fourth sections of the project department staff "give up a small family, take care of everyone", the Spring Festival does not close, struggling to celebrate the New Year.
At the site of the third bidding section, the site management personnel and workers strictly control every link of MJS perimeter pile construction to ensure that there is no negligence in the construction process, and make full preparations for the pit excavation and subsequent pipe jacking construction work after the Chinese New Year. At the site of the fourth section, the triaxial mixing pile construction of B pit is busy, the project department arranges special people to guard the safety of pipeline, optimizes the order of triaxial construction, snatches the time, protects the traffic, optimizes the management personnel configuration, snatches the key period during the Spring Festival, and creates favorable conditions for the subsequent construction arrangement.

The hard-working people start early in the spring, and the new year begins with a new start.

The city's steady promotion of a major project

With the expansion of effective investment

The vision of "a good start, a good start"

Running to the hope of spring