Topping out! Lishui this industrial park ......

  As the last concrete is pouredThe main structure of the entrepreneurial building and factory of the Blue Alliance Shared Industrial Park Project were all topped out.

  On the morning of August 19, the topping-out ceremony and brand launch of the Blue Alliance Shared Industrial Park project was held in Lishui Development Zone. The projectTotal investment of 1 billion dollarsAfter completion, it will become an electronic manufacturing class integrating business office, electronic research and development, and comprehensive service.industrial cluster. Liu Jia, member of the standing committee of Lishui District Party Committee, vice mayor and secretary of the Party and Work Committee of the development zone, Xu Rixi, director of the development zone management committee, and Xu Baogao, chairman of the board of directors of Blue Union Technology Co.

  During the event, Liu Jia and Xu Baogao jointly unveiled the plaque for the Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Sharing Demonstration Base of Lishui Economic Development Zone; the relevant persons in charge of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Development Zone and the Blue Union Sharing Industrial Park made the project promotion of the Development Zone and the Industrial Park respectively; the relevant persons in charge of the Nanjing Commercial Real Estate Association awarded a plaque to the "Nanjing Real Estate Association Governing Unit" of the "Nanjing Industrial Development Parlor" of the Blue Union Science and Technology Co. The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Commercial Real Estate Chamber of Commerce awarded a medal for the "Nanjing Real Estate Chamber of Commerce governing unit" and "Nanjing Industrial Development Meeting Room".

  Xu Rixi said in his speech that the development zone will always uphold the concept of "co-creation, sharing, win-win", as always, do a good job of enterprise services, go all out to protect the construction of the project, the Blue Alliance Shared Industrial Park into a strong, beautiful environment, distinctive industrial landmark. At the same time, encourage and support enterprises to implement digital transformation, open up the data chain, innovation chain and industrial chain, and promote the overall digitalization and upgrading of industrial chain enterprises in the park.

  The Blue Alliance Shared Industrial Park is located in the development zoneNorth of Huaiyuan AvenueThe project is jointly built by Blue Union Technology Limited and the Development Zone. The project covers an area of 52 acres, with a total construction area of about 120,000 square meters, including 56,000 square meters of intelligent business office area and 42,000 square meters of intelligent R&D center. After the completion of the project, through the sharing of resources, we will endeavor to build a center that covers the fields of circuit board design, component supply, PCB supply, PCBA processing, machining, packaging and transportation.Sharing Alliance Smart Manufacturing Specialty ClusterThe