Service "full coverage" to help enterprises continuous production in the Spring Festival

On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, Gree Electric Appliances (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. has been in full swing in all production workshops, a busy scene. "This year's resumption of work earlier than in previous years, in order to ensure the early arrival of employees, the company during the Spring Festival has been mapping the return of employees, in order to keep abreast of the situation of employees returning to work." Gree Electric relevant person in charge of the introduction. At the same time, in order to sprint to the New Year "open the door", the company also arranged in advance to the staff on duty to all the production preparations to check the implementation, to ensure that the day of normal production.
In fact, the production department and equipment operation and maintenance department of Gree Electric Appliances during the Spring Festival stayed on duty and manned the production line. The relevant person in charge of the company introduced that in 2023, the company has more export orders, in order to meet the export delivery, overtime during the Spring Festival to organize production security. Especially for the equipment that can not be stopped, are 24 hours of continuous operation. Among them, the equipment operation and maintenance personnel are mainly to ensure the stable operation of the equipment during the Spring Festival continuous production, water, electricity and gas security, as well as sewage treatment to meet the discharge standards. Through the continuous production preparation and safety stock reserve during the Spring Festival, Gree Electric can effectively ensure the smooth delivery of export orders after the New Year and improve the satisfaction of North American overseas customers.

New year new weather, aiming for new goals. The first day of the resumption of work in the beginning of the year, Gree Electric has organized office meetings to once again study and judge the production situation in 2024, the first quarter target was initially set in 2023 on the basis of an increase of 30%, the first quarter will continue to increase the production of resource reserves as well as market expansion, at the same time, will be a comprehensive release of the existing production capacity, and strive to achieve the established goals.

Early in the morning of the 17th, the stamping workshop of SAIC Datsun Nanjing Plant also heard bursts of machine operation, only to see a piece of special steel was die-cast into sheet metal parts, ready to be sent to the next process.

"Stamping is the first step of the four major processes of vehicle production, and the stamping shop then became the first production department of the plant to resume work, fully preparing for the production of the body shop, painting shop, and assembly shop, which fully resumed work on the 18th." SAIC Datsun Nanjing plant manufacturing center production operations director Fei Anlin introduced.

It is reported that SAIC Datsun has stocked up sufficient production raw materials before the holiday, and carried out production line maintenance and equipment renovation through planned vacations, so as to "store energy" for the start of work in the new spring.

"We have arranged rich Spring Festival entertainment activities for employees who stayed in Ningxia for the New Year. And we have prepared a start-up gift package for employees who return to Ningning on time to resume work and production." Fei Anlin revealed that the factory's various production links are now ready, and it is expected that 220 cars will officially come off the production line on the 18th.

On February 17, workers were producing industrial furnaces in the Yangtze River Industrial Furnace Technology Group in the Nanjing Economic Development Zone. Nanjing Daily / Zijinshan News reporter Xu Qi photo

This year, the city's industry and information system to carry out the Spring Festival period of continuous production of key industrial enterprises to visit the contact service, the city's Industry and Information Technology Bureau of the cadres of the organs of the73 familiesAnnual output value of more than 1 billion yuan of continuous production enterprises "point-to-point" contact services, urban and rural areas on the301 homesContinuous production services for industrial enterprises"Full coverage"In addition, it is also important to keep abreast of the production and operation situation of enterprises and provide them with good services and guarantees.

Service enterprises to actively and steadily grasp the production and operation, and promote smooth production. Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau of the relevant person in charge of the introduction, the city to further strengthen the enterprise during the Spring Festival scheduling situation monitoring and analysis, tracking and mastering enterprise production and operation problems, focusing on understanding and coordinating to solve the enterprise in the supply chain, market orders, labor, capital and other aspects of the difficulties, and to encourage the order of the full of enterprises to rationally arrange the Spring Festival before and after the production and operation plan, to help enterprises to improve the efficiency of production, and sprinting the first quarter of the "Open the door".