International Talent Exchange Helps Manufacturing to Go Overseas

  Lishui Foreign Experts Bookstore was completed in Lishui HaiChuang Park, operated by Nanjing Xiaohu Technology Service Co., Ltd. and has established a standardized book lending system and management system since its establishment, meanwhile, a series of activities will be held regularly. 2023 Lishui Foreign Experts Bookstore was successfully held in "2023 Lishui Foreign Experts Bookstore Special Activity - International Talent Exchange Helping Manufacturing to Go to Sea" was successfully held.

  In the early stage of the activity, Nanjing Xiaohu Technology Service Co., Ltd. communicated the demand for international talent positions to a number of enterprises in Lishui District and released it to the foreign talent exchange group, which attracted the attention of talents from a number of countries and regions, and helped the manufacturing enterprises to recruit the required talents.

  On the day of the event, a number of foreign talents had one-on-one communication with enterprises through online form, they talked about their experiences of studying and working in Ningbo and shared their experiences of life in Ningbo, while the two sides exchanged views on supply and demand docking.

  After the event, we invite international talents to visit and communicate face-to-face with Lishui Foreign Talent Bookstore and enterprises.

  Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the People's Republic of China, wrote a letter to the international students of the Master of Auditing International Class of Nanjing Audit University on July 4, encouraging them to contribute to the deepening of friendship and cooperation between countries. During the exchange, the international student from Ghana said, "I can feel the care of the Chinese government for foreign students, and I have gained a lot from my study in China in the past few years, which has constantly refreshed my understanding of China, and I will continue to study in the hope of contributing to the deepening of international friendship. I have worked as a teacher in a training organization, and studying in China has been one of the best experiences of my life. In addition to the high level of infrastructure development, China is very friendly to foreigners, which gives foreigners an opportunity to have a favorable learning environment and find a job after school, I love China."

  He, an international student from Nigeria, said "I have been living in China for 8 years, so China is like my home. After living in China for more than 7 years and feeling the care and concern of the Chinese government, there is no better place to practice what I have learned in school. I also believe that what I learned from school and my working environment will help me to establish my own company in my country in the near future. I want my foreign friends to know that working in a Chinese company will help to practice what we have learned in school."

  We will provide more international talents with convenient and comfortable reading environment and lending services, carry out reading clubs, salons and other activities, provide a high-quality place and environment for foreign talents to learn about Nanjing, exchange ideas, liaise with friends and find job opportunities, and also hope to match more local manufacturing enterprises with outstanding scientific and technological talents.