How to build a subway across the river? Municipal government work report "focus"

establishLongtan River Crossing

Line 5, Jiangning sectionOpen for Operation

realize105Rehabilitation of old neighborhoods

new and reconstructed60Pocket parks, kid-friendly parks

constructLivable, Resilient, Smart Cities, 2024, Nanjing will have what new action? This year's government work report, there are answers!


The 2024 NJNG report states:

commander-in-chief (military)Accelerate the implementation of the Ning Chu Expressway, Ning Yan Expressway, the metropolitan ring road and other projects, renew the construction of the new Xinsheng Wei, Jianning Road river crossing, completed Longtan river crossing, and promote the construction of seven main city cross-district disconnected road.

Nanjing Jianning West Road Crossing(math.) genusIt is an important link between Gulou District in the main city and the core area of Jiangbei New District, with a total length of about 6.8 kilometers. After the completion of the project, it will only take a few minutes to drive from Jiangbei Avenue to Central Gate.15 minutes.It will effectively alleviate the traffic pressure of the trunk line across the river and enhance the convenience of the core area of Jiangbei New District and the main city of Jiangnan Gulou Riverside.

Not long ago, the project shield tunnel double line through. 2024 after New Year's Day, the project .

The 2024 NJNG report suggests:

Weaving the rail transportation network.Renewal of eight subway lines, including Metro Line 4 Phase II, Line 6, and all of Line 7,Line 5 Jiangning section opened for operationThe

Nanjing Metro Line 5Project works in the southern sectionThe project, which began trial runs without passengers in December last year, has taken a solid step towards initial operations. According to reports, the southern section of Line 5 project, starting from theJiyin Avenue Station, ending at Wenjing Road StationThe total length of the line is 12.9 kilometers, all of which are laid underground, with nine stations, including three interchange stations.


The 2024 NJNG report suggests:

Promote a number of small Songtao Lane and otherUrban Renewal PilotProjects, implementation105Retrofitting of old neighborhoods,200 articlesBackstreet remediation.

Xiaosongtao Lane Urban Renewal ProjectEntered the building demolition phase in May 2023

As a small footprint home, the program introducesEfficient space conceptThe design drawings show that after the update, some of the residential floor heights in Siu Sung To Lane will be able to achieve a height of 60% by raising the floor heights by 80cm.3.6 metersThe design of the building is very high. With such a high ceiling design, it is possible to realize a spatial layout of "two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom", which meets the needs of modern living.


rendering (visual representation of how things will turn out)

The 2024 NJNG report suggests:

Promoting pilot construction of embedded service facilities in urban and reconstructed60Pocket parks, kid-friendly parksThe

What is a "pocket park"? What changes will it bring to the lives of residents?

be situated atEco-cultural plaza for residents on the south side of Liaojincun Street Service Center in Xuanwu DistrictIn early September last year, it was transformed into a "pocket park". With the common "pocket park" is different, this "pocket park" toChildren's sportsFor the theme. The park is set up with trampolines, climbing walls fitness equipment and other sports and amusement facilities, such as a fuchsia hemisphere-shaped facility in the corner of the plaza, which gives neighborhood children an amusement park at their doorstep.

"Circling" happiness at home

The 2024 NJNG report suggests:

Insist on cluster and multi-center development, and promote with industrial thinkingSouthwest River, Daxuechang, Qilin, Jiangxinzhou, Yuhua "Two Bridges", Yanzijiand other key areas to accelerate the construction ofJiangbei New Main CityIndustrial capacity and functional quality enhancement, in order to promote theRelocation of Tusan AirportLead the spatial integration of the southern area and improveLiuhe, Lishui, GaochunThree major sub-city functions.

In the "Two Bridges" area of Yuhuatai District.Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital (Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Center) Yuhua Hospital District ProjectThe construction site is a scene of fervor. In the future, this will be a"Great synthesis, great specialization"The Grade 3A general hospital will promote the landing of high-quality medical resources in Yuhuatai District.

Nanjing Yuhua Construction Development Co. Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital (Jiangsu Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital) Yuhua Hospital District project manager said:

It is planned to realize the main roofing work of the whole project in September this year.Aiming to realize the completion and delivery of the entire project in 2026The

The year 2023 is the year of continuous improvement of the infrastructure in the southern part of the city.

Famous Schools Landing.Nanjing Foreign Language School Southern New Town CampusOfficially opened; transportation through the reach, a number of transportation routes to complete the completion of acceptance, the advantages of traffic location further highlighted; public building support convergence, Nanjing Real Estate Archives, China's second archives, and a number of urban landmarks were built.

Beginning of 2024.Metro Line 5, 6, 10 Nanbu New Town related stationsConstruction is also progressing in an orderly manner.

Southern New Town EPC Area Project Manager said:

Overall, in the first half of 2024, the acceptance and handover of the main structure of all the intervals related to Line 5, Line 6, Line 10 Airport Runway Station and Daxuechang Station will be completed, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent construction of the subway.

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