Good job! The students of Lishui Junior College won "gold" in the province.

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Jiangsu Lishui Secondary Specialized School
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 In Jiangsu Province Vocational College Skills Competition
Two students from the school
In the Feed Nutrition and Testing Program Competition
win a gold medal
Happily qualified for a guaranteed undergraduate degree
  Organized by 16 departments, including the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Informatization, the competition is aimed at students of vocational colleges and universities in the province as the object of participationLargest scale, most comprehensive program, highest levelThis comprehensive competition is a comprehensive review of the achievements of vocational skills training, aiming at cultivating high-quality laborers and technical and skilled talents for the construction of a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu.


Winning the gold medal in the competition

  On this occasion, the students of Lishui Secondary Specialized School 21 crop classSam Zhang, Minsi TaiThe team participated in theFeed in the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries category of projectsNutrition and Inspectionsurvey and evaluateThe competition. The program mainly assesses theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professionalism, of which the theoretical knowledge assessment accounted for 10% (60 minutes), operational skills assessment accounted for 90% (180 minutes), while the skills assessment is divided into the identification of fishmeal adulteration and the determination of the total phosphorus in the feed two modules.
  In the three-day competition, the two players with solid professional skills, close cooperation and collaboration, stable on-the-spot play, steady and calm, in the various competitions outstanding performance, especially in the identification of fishmeal adulteration experimentsCompleted the examination with full marks and won the gold medal in one goThe two contestants, Zhang Chen and Tai Minsi, are excellent members of the class and helpers of their teachers. Zhang Chen and Tai Minsi, two contestants in the school performance, is an excellent member of the class, but also the teacher's right-hand man, has won the school "excellent group member", "excellent student cadres" and other honorary titles.

twice in one year

Vocational education bears further fruit

  In this competition, Lishui Junior CollegeMr. Han YuAwarded the Feed Nutrition and Testing Programsilver medal.;Mr. Mei BaiqingAward-winning plant grafting programbronze medalSenior Class (2)Li Zi Yue, DianaAwarded the Feed Nutrition and Testing Programbronze medalThe
In September this year, three students of the school won the second prize in the competition of legal practice in the intermediate group of the 2023 National Vocational College Skills Competition.Happily qualified for a guaranteed undergraduate degreeThe award-winningSam Zhang, Minsi TaiTwo students.Re-qualified for guaranteed undergraduate admissionThe
 In recent years, Lishui Junior College has insisted on moral education as the first step, created the moral education brand of "Led", and cultivated "four-have" middle-vocational students with smiles on their faces, skills in their hands, interesting lives, and love in their hearts.In 2023, the school has won 24 medals at the national and provincial levels in various vocational college skills competitionsThe

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