Activating the main engine of clusters: Nanjing's horse power to sprint to the industrial power city

  Nanjing Changan is the first production base established by Changan Automobile in East China. In terms of personalized customization, through the user's personalized vehicle selection, intelligent scheduling, collaborative manufacturing, intelligent production, accurate delivery, to achieve rapid delivery of vehicles, since the production of Deep Blue S7, has completed the production of nearly 14,000 units, orders are being delivered one after another.

  Based on the 5G network and IoT platform, the smart factory has created an intelligent manufacturing system that integrates "flexibility, intelligence, automation, digitalization, greenness, and efficiency". Through precise control, robots combined with vision system and deep learning can automatically complete identification and grasping, as well as parts online and installation.

  Here, just a microcosm of Nanjing's industrial strength to promote the development of the city.

  With the bright half-year economic report card, Nanjing innovative industrial clusters to achieve rapid growth, accelerate the recovery of the service industry, dynamic Nanjing set up a new goal - cluster engine activation, industrial strength to promote the development of the city, and comprehensively promote the industrial strength of the city's three-year action.

  Nanjing recently released the "Nanjing Action Plan for Promoting Industrial Strength (2023-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), which clarifies and deploys the objectives and tasks of the construction of industrial strength in the next three years: to promote the transformation and upgrading of the four pillar industries and the development of high-end, intelligent and green development, and to strengthen the main engine of "2+6+6" innovative industrial clusters, and to build a new advantage in the development of modern service industry. " innovative industrial clusters, construct new advantages in the development of modern service industry, promote the industrial level and optimize the spatial layout of industry.

  In "2+6+6", "2" refers to the software and information service industry cluster and the new power (smart grid) industry cluster. These are the two advantageous cluster industries in Nanjing's real economy.

Located in Nanjing, HaoWei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. has so far provided high-quality digital transformation solutions and full-stack product and technology services to telecom operators, public service sectors and other industry clients in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

  Jin Koon, deputy general manager and chief human resources officer of the company, said the company is committed to utilizing digital technology to improve infrastructure conditions and help build productivity, and its core strength is its deep commitment to the industry, especially in the fields of telecom, government affairs, retail and industrial production. The company has been deeply engaged in the telecom sector for more than 20 years, and has covered nearly 150 mainstream telecom operators around the world, serving nearly 1.8 billion end users.

  "At present, the company's digital capabilities have penetrated into the digital transformation of cities and the digital development of enterprises, providing strong technical support for the construction of the digital economy, local high-quality development, and scientific and technological innovation." According to Jin Koon, the company is giving full play to its leadership in advantageous industries, relying on its rich experience in the ICT field to serve digital government, public security, industrial energy and other fields, and empowering public services and industrial upgrading through digital technology.

  Digital to provide acceleration engine, the root of the economy still lies in the entity. According to the "Nanjing City to promote industrial strength action plan (2023-2025)", clear by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the total GDP of Nanjing City exceeded 2 trillion yuan, the value added by the manufacturing industry accounted for the proportion of GDP stabilized at more than 30%.

  New electric power (smart grid) is an important part of the action plan for industrial strength. In recent years, Nanjing is committed to building a smart grid national advanced manufacturing clusters, smart grid industry system now covers "generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, use, scheduling, communications, integrated energy services, power network security" 9 key links. Power automation and control industry scale accounted for the national market 80%.

  Located in Nanjing Jiangning District, Nanrui JIPS is one of the leading enterprises in the new electric power (smart grid) industry cluster. As a national grid laboratory, Nanrui R & D investment has been maintained in the enterprise revenue of 10% or so, in the past three years to complete hundreds of major research and development projects, which won the National Science and Technology Progress Award 1, the second prize 2.

In 2022, the company's main business revenue reached 13.8 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8%, power protection and control equipment was named the national manufacturing industry's single champion products, relay protection products in the 220kV and above voltage level of the domestic market share of nearly 40%.

  "It is fair to say that the company is entering a period of rapid growth. After the epidemic, the demand for the product, which has been backlogged for three years, has entered a blowout period. We are confident in our future development, and this area is still a blue ocean of the market." Wang Xiang said.

  In recent years, Nanjing has become the first Chinese software city, the first batch of state-level pilot zones for the integration of the two, and has been selected as the 4th of the top 100 cities for advanced manufacturing in 2022.

  Around the Action Plan, Nanjing's industrial development goals are becoming clearer: by 2025, one trillion (software and information services), one five hundred billion (new electric power (smart grid)), and a number of hundred-billion industry clusters.

According to the Action Plan, Nanjing will fight for the domestic high point of six major industrial clusters, mainly including new energy automobile industry cluster, intelligent manufacturing equipment industry cluster, integrated circuit industry cluster, biomedical industry cluster, new materials industry cluster, aerospace industry cluster in six aspects.

  At the same time, Nanjing will accelerate the construction of "technological breakthroughs - results transformation - application demonstration - industry landing - cluster development" as one of the future industry innovation and application ecology. Strive to 2025, the core competitiveness of the future industry and demonstration driven ability to significantly improve.