About to launch! Lishui's "voice" is traveling to space.

"Nanjing" and China Youth Science Satellite(Star 8.1.08) will soon be aboard the Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft.


Students of Lishui Junior College

Great video work!

This satellite will be on board.

with Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft

Liftoff together

As the Chinese New Year approaches, the Tianzhou VII cargo spacecraft is carrying the New Year's Eve supplies for the astronauts of Shenzhou XVII and the launch satellite in orbit. This satellite is the "Nanjing" 81-08 star, is China's first higher vocational college teachers and students mainly involved in the development of science and technology satellites, the use of 6U cubic star design, loaded with "our voice in space" audio and video storage and dissemination load, astronomical camera load, optical communication load, carrying VAT electric propulsion, with active re-orbiting, with the VAT electric propulsion, with the active re-orbiting, with the VAT electric propulsion, with the VAT electric propulsion. The satellite is designed as a 6U cubic star, loaded with "Our Voice in Space" audio and video storage and broadcasting payloads, astronomical camera payload, optical communication payload, and VAT electric propulsion, with active orbit change and de-orbiting capability.

  "Nanking", star of August 1, 08

The year 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the successful launch of China's first artificial satellite, Dongfanghong-1. In order to better enhance public awareness and understanding of the field of space science and technology, promote the popularization of science and technology, cultivate the public's awareness of innovation and the spirit of exploration, especially among young people, and enhance the country's image of spaceflight and its sense of national pride, the China Center for International Exchange in Aerospace Science and Technology (CIETAC) has initiated and hosted the first "Our Voices Go to Space" popularization campaign.

 In the first half of 2023, when the tea was on the market, Lishui Junior College organized students to shoot the theme ofTea as a Matchmaker + Leading Students to All-round Development in Moral, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Aesthetic and Labor AffairsThe short video, lasting 4 minutes and 48 seconds, introduces the school's many years of tradition in handmade tea-making skills, and shows the students' tea culture literacy precipitated by tea-making, tea-drinking and tea art.

  In December 2023, the school participated in theFourth "Our Voices in Space" popularization campaignThe video will be submitted to the organizing committee of the event. The works were selected on the basis of their distinctive themes, high-quality content and wonderful narratives, and will soon be launched on board the "Nanjing" 8.1.08 star.

 In recent years, Lishui Junior College has focused on building an agronomy program, planting tea trees in the campus agronomy base and carefully cultivating tea-making talents, and the school has achieved 1 gold, 2 silver, and 5 bronze medals in the Handmade Tea Provincial Competition in 2023.

From looking up to the starry sky to running to the starry sea bless the students of Lishui Junior College to create more possibilities with their knowledge.