Why Pole Star Technology settled in Nanjing

Not long ago, Nanjing "investment breakthrough year" ushered in the opening of the door, Polaris Technology China headquarters project signed in Nanjing Jiangning Development Zone. This strategic joint venture jointly established by Polaris Automotive and the Star Chronicle Phantom Group puts the center of future development in Nanjing, carrying the expectations and ambitions of a city to refresh its industrial genes and build a flagship brand.

Polaris is not a "newcomer" to the trolley scene.

It originated from a team dedicated to Volvo Cars

Racing team with high performance modifications

In 2017, by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding joint venture Polaris Automotive was established in Gothenburg, Sweden. Subsequently, Polaris Automotive and hand in hand with the Star Chronicle Phantom Group set up a strategic joint venture - Polaris Technology, in advance of the "position" of the intelligent network league road.

Such an enterprise brings investment opportunities, is Nanjing slowly "cultivate" out. As early as three years ago, through the introduction of the park enterprises, Jiangning Development Zone investment team visited Geely Group. Since then the two sides interacted frequently.

The person in charge of the Sixth Investment Promotion Department of Jiangning Development Zone clearly remembers that, during the stage of agreeing on the cooperation agreement, 15 or 16 people sat around a conference room in an offline meeting between the two sides and discussed from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and when it came to the terms that couldn't be finalized on the spot, the Polaris side directly video-linked the legal affairs and executives of the headquarter. During the eight hours, no one came out of the conference room except for going to the restroom.
What is more surprising to Polaris Technology is that their concept is highly recognized by the investment promotion department of Nanjing. "We believe that a major trend in the development of new energy vehicles is to do interconnection and ecology, and building a car is to build a smart terminal device that can be moved." Pole Star Technology Chief Operating Officer Chen Si-ying said that the two sides talked to each other, from last October when the two sides first carried out negotiations on the Pole Star Technology project, to the signing of the contract at the beginning of January this year, which took only two months.

The Government's work report for this year's National People's Congress explicitly states.Consolidate and expand the leading edge of industries such as smart grid-connected new energy vehicles, and boost bulk consumption of smart grid-connected new energy vehicles and electronic products."The next main battlefield for the development of the domestic new energy automobile industry is intelligence and network connectivity, and Polaris Technology brings opportunities that we don't want to miss." Jiangning Development Zone, said the relevant person in charge.

The Polestar Polestar 4 with many highlights, such as the Wallabies rear windshield design, 121° ultra-wide angle HD streaming digital interior rearview mirror, and the newly developed Polestar OS intelligent cockpit system based on Flyme Auto ......, is the main product of Polestar Technology's launch into the Chinese market this time.

In Chen Siying's view, the market potential of this car lies in the fact that it cuts into the mainstream price range of the Chinese market, and at the same time accurately meets the unique needs of domestic consumers for intelligence and internet connectivity, making it a model in Polaris's product spectrum that has a certain degree of adaptability to the Chinese market.

Enterprises and the city have since embarked on the road of common achievement. Located in the core area of the future science and technology city of the future network industry innovation complex phase II, was Polaris Technology, a move to take 10,000 square meters of office space, will be in the second half of this year to move in more than 500 people in the team, and the construction of laboratories, engaged in the car system, wearable equipment research and development.

This will promote Nanjing's new energy automobile industry

One more step up the value chain
Last year, the construction of Nanjing's industrial powerhouse achieved results, and the new energy automobile industry realized double-digit growth

Taking Jiangning Development Zone as an example, a number of key projects in the field of intelligent network connection have been introduced in recent years, such as CAC Chuangzhi, T3 Travel, FAW Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and so on, which cover the industrial chain fields of intelligent driving centralized computing platform, infrastructure platform, and automatic driving domain controller. The front-end R&D represented by Polaris Technology will inject new momentum into this emerging industry in Nanjing.

This year, Nanjing will adhere to the investment to industrial clusters, focusing on the main direction of the industry, focusing on the head of the industrial chain enterprises, growth-oriented enterprises and potential enterprises, etc., and vigorously promote the business investment, precision investment.

In addition to industry driven, is in the "honeymoon period" of Polaris and Nanjing, is also brewing deeper integration. Chen Siyoung revealed that Pole Star Technology plans to lay out sales and delivery centers in many core business districts in Nanjing, turning the whole city into a "showroom" for the enterprise's products, so that Pole Star Technology can really become a name card of Nanjing's urban economy.