5G factory in Jiangsu Province, Lishui +1

Lishui Intelligent Manufacturing Wins Provincial Honors!
Recently the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announcedList of 5G factory projects in Jiangsu Province in 2023Located in Lishui Development ZoneNanjing Changan New Energy 5G Fully Connected Smart Factory

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What is a 5G Fully Connected Factory?

  5G fully-connected factory refers to making full use of the integration of new-generation information and communication technologies represented by 5G to newly build or renovate production line-level, workshop-level, factory-level and other production sites, so as to form an advanced factory with extensive connectivity of production units, in-depth fusion of information and operation, full utilization of data elements, and high-efficiency empowerment of innovative applications. The factories will be fully 5G+networked, and the whole process business closed loop of "intelligent end + edge computing + cloud computing, big data, cloud decision-making" will be constructed, as well as various scenarios of "intelligence on the end, wisdom in the cloud, and control on the screen" will be applied.

  Nanjing Changan New Energy 5G Fully Connected Smart Factory is a new new energy intelligent personalized customization demonstration factory built by Changan Automobile based on software-defined vehicles. In the process of building the "New New Energy Intelligent Personalization Demonstration Factory", Nanjing Changan focuses on the digitalization and intelligence of the production base.Full 5G network coverage was achieved.The low latency, high security and reliability of 5G private network data greatly improves the efficiency of factory collaboration and flexible production capacity, making the production beat smoother.Overall productivity improvement of more than 10%.

  Factory 5G project can support the number of concurrent terminal accessesOver 50,000At present, it has landed 5G+industrial control, 5G+AGV, 5G+machine vision, 5G+data acquisition, 5G+energy control, 5G+welding management and so on.68 typical scenes of intelligent manufacturing in 16 segments of 3 major aspects.Throughout the whole process of office production business, it realizes the deep integration of enterprise production system, management system and network system.

  At present, Nanjing Chang'an is benchmarking cutting-edge technology, continue to promote the innovation and breakthrough of 5G + industrial Internet technology, 5G network as the main body to create more close to the production of office application scenarios, and further optimize the deployment of arithmetic resources, to accelerate the empowerment of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, and to complete the implementation of 5G + applications in Nanjing Chang'an landing.Promote the experience of building 5G fully-connected factories, and form a number of manufacturing digital transformation benchmarks.

  In the next step, Lishui will continue to strengthen the comprehensive coverage and in-depth application of 5G in key production places such as parks, key enterprises and benchmark demonstration workshops (factories), and support more enterprises to aim at 5G fully connected factories.Create a number of replicable "5G+Industrial Internet" model projects and typical scenes.Boosting high quality manufacturing across the region.