Characteristic idyllic villages in Jiangsu Province, Lishui has two more villages on the list!

With a history of nearly 700 years, Chen Guo Village is a natural village under the jurisdiction of Wu Cun Qiao Village in He Feng Town. After years of development, the village has formed a high-quality rice, green tea, plum products, special aquatic products, green vegetables-basedThe "Five Golden Flowers" industry.


  The "secret" of Chenguo Village's industrial prosperity is due to the favorable natural endowment and a series of idyllic brands, which have the following characteristicsNational green rice planting base, Jiangsu Province well-known trademark of the fine tea fields, thick planting clean culture of the Qinhuai Plum GardenIn the past, the landscape and the countryside were infused with the fragrance of rice, tea and fruits, which gave Chen Guo an unforgettable "Chen Guo flavor".
  "The village economy is strong, we can find work at home, and our pockets are bulging!" This is Chen Guo Village villagers feel the most intuitive livelihood benefits.In 2022, the per capita income of Chen Guo Village will be about 33,500 yuan, and the collective income of the village will be about 4.5 million yuanThe
  Currently, Chen Guo Village has7Agricultural companies,11 familiesProfessional cooperatives and11 familiesfamily farms, becoming a veritableModern Agricultural Communities. Just Rice and Chen Xiaojian Rice won respectively"Gold and Silver Prizes for "Jiangsu Good RiceMoon Lake Tea won the "China Tea Cup".National Grand PrizeQinhuai Plum Garden is a clean culture education base in Lishui District,One of the "Forty-eight Scenic Spots of Leisure Agriculture in Jinling" is a popular tourist spot.The
  Chenguo Village has been awarded the Nanjing Beautiful Model Village and Nanjing Characteristic Rural Village. Relying on the characteristic industries of "rice, tea and plum" and the characteristic culture, Chenguo Village realizes the integration and development of agriculture and tourism, culture, education, recreation and health care, and devotes itself to realizing the goals of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, civilized township culture, effective governance, and affluent life.
Huluba Village in Sukchu Street is named after the shape of a gourd. The village is surrounded by a natural water system and set between the mountains and the water, and the unique shape of the mountains and the water have created an agricultural space that integrates tea forests, seedlings, and farmland in the village.
  In recent years, Huluba Village, adhering to the concept of building for farmers, has actively promoted the creation of characteristic idyllic villages, taking "Colorful Butterflies Roaming in the Wild, Chuchu Idyllic Garden" as the positioning of village development, tapping into the cultural resources, fostering characteristic industries, promoting the steady development of the village's collective economy, and driving the villagers to increase their income and become rich.
  The village introduced the "Colorful Butterfly Dance" project, combined with scientific research institutions of universities and professional operation teams, and built the first rural insect In the form of "village-enterprise-school" tripartite cooperation, the project aims to build the first rural insect ecological space in the Yangtze River Delta, covering insect natural science, insect-themed neighborhoods, special lodging, catering and camping, as well as other insect-themed cultural tourism projects.
  In recent years, it has founded five insect-themed featured lodgings, one farmhouse, and one leisure tea bar, creating a cultural industry chain with insects as a link, receiving more than 50,000 tourists in three years, and driving more than 110 villagers to realize employment and increase their incomes.
  In winter, the village's handmade "Yulong Vermicelli" is also unforgettable. Vermicelli is green, natural and non-additive, with a smooth texture and long cooking time, which is widely praised by diners. In order to play the brand effect, the village set up a "Yulong Vermicelli" professional cooperative, unified production, processing, packaging, sales. Let a small fan out of the village, into thousands of households.
  In 2022, the village realized a per capita income of 38,000 yuan for villagers, and the collective income of the village reached 3.65 million yuan, an increase of 8.3%.